Cause A Racket for EHHS’ Tennis Teams

This spring, EHHS has a plethora of spring sports opportunities, one being boys and girls tennis, beginning their season in mid-March and continuing on until mid-May. Games started the week of March 30, 2022.

Tryouts include a series of tests based on physical fitness, according to Mr. Jacob Callahan, coach of the boys team. He describes it as “not really tryouts, just a matter of who gets onto varsity.” Varsity usually has 10 players, while the other teams usually have 15 to 20 players.

This year’s coaches are Mr. Anthony Perrotti, for the girls team, and Mr. Jacob Callahan, for the boy’s team. Mr. Perrotti says that there are 21 girls on his team, 11 being returning players. Mr. Callahan states that he has about 17 players on his team, 5 being returning players. Team captains for the boy’s team this year are Kevin Phan and Oliver Kabel. Team captains for the girl’s team this year are Camryn Lendroth, Diana Vazquez, and Abigail Brooks.

Each coach has their own unique style of coaching as well as goals and perspectives of the team. Mr. Callahan states that, to him, tennis has more of a team aspect than other sports and can be more “fun and low-key.” Mr. Perrotti says that tennis is a sport that you could play for a long time, which is why he chose it in his high school career. Mr. Callahan’s coaching style is very hands-on during practice, but hands-off during matches. He wants to help his teammates as much as possible during practice, but wants them to use their knowledge during matches. He hopes his team will qualify for state championships and win over half of their matches. Mr. Perrotti hopes to make memories with his students and really understand them, as well as make them better players. He wants them to work hard and have fun. He wants them to build positive relationships with each other as well.

In one match, there are sets, and each set has six games. There are single sets, where one player of one rank goes up against the other player of the same rank, as well as double sets, where two players of one rank go up against two other players of the same rank. To win a match, you need to win the best of three sets. Scoring starts out tied at 0-0, also called “love all.” The points go up to 15, then 30, then 40; 40 points is game, and if both teams are tied 40-40, it is called “deuce.”

The rotation of pairs and singles are determined by a challenge system. The coaches create a list of each person’s rank based on how they did during tryouts, and then at practices, teammates will challenge other teammates of different ranks.

Go cause a racket at an EHHS tennis match! Our teams could always use school spirit and support.