Buzzing @ Home 30 April 2021

Distracted At Home - 4/30/2021

I feel that hybrid learning isn't that bad, however, I myself can't really focus at home and it's just better for me to be in school. Being in school for me is the only way I concentrate and learn. At home, there are many distractions, and it’s hard to learn from a screen, for me at least. I'm a very hands-on learner and visual learner therefore, I need to be in person in order to really see everything the teacher is doing. When I was doing remote for 2 weeks because I had to quarantine my grades dropped dramatically and I know I can do the work because as soon as I came back I went back to having honors. I believe people learn better online and at home, however, I don't.

More Distractions - 4/30/2021

It is very hard and you can get distracted very easily working from home can raise a lot of attraction but it’s not as easy and laid back as it sounds.

What about tests? - 4/30/2021

Hybrid learning has been difficult sometimes. I have been quarantined once or twice this year, and it is difficult to be an online student from my little experience online. The teacher usually forgets to turn the camera to the board or whatever the focus is and we miss out on learning. When I'm normally in person, the online students almost never have to participate and just sit there without us knowing if they are there or not, and it sometimes feels unfair also when there is a test because they have no supervision and can cheat.

A Great Opportunity - 4/30/2021

I think it is a good thing because it is giving people the opportunity to feel safe while still gaining their education. It also helps when having to quarantine so the people sent home do not feel as isolated because there are more people online by choice.

Attention Issues - 4/30/2021

Hybrid Learning was difficult for me as I am easily distracted, and during my former remote learning, I would constantly get distracted by other sites. Also transitioning to In-Person was anxiety-inducing, as there were new restrictions and guidelines. - Senior, Sierra Wilson

Convenient! - 4/30/2021

 I like hybrid learning. It is very useful for days that I cannot make it to school because I can tune in to the live stream which was not a thing before. It is also nice that the school isn't as packed as it was before. 

Missing My Friends - 4/30/2021

I think that there are many things difficult on hybrid learning. I feel like having this situation makes me less interested in school and I feel like it's harder. There is also the fact that your friends are taking it online. For me, I go to school to hang out with all my friends but all of them had switch to online so I feel like school hasn't been feeling the best.

It's so different - 4/30/2021

It's definitely different. But it also helps with anxiety and helps me work at my own pace, wherein in class, I'd usually be rushing to get work done based on how quick others were handing things in. It's easier for me, but that's not the case for everyone. - Senior, Brooke Mortimer