Block and Rotation Scheduling: A Work In Progress

Some monumental changes are being made to the EHHS schedule in the 2020-2021 school year. Beginning with the class of 2023 the state has changed the graduation requirements from 22 to 25 credits. In order to accommodate to these changes, EHHS is developing a

new daily time schedule. As of right now, no decision has been made on which schedule the school will decide on but it is important for our community to be aware of the options. EHHS is working diligently towards a change that will benefit every student.

Rotation and block schedules are two very different styles of scheduling. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors have optimistic views and they are also looking forward to a new change in the district. As I spoke with a Junior here at EHHS, Emily Sortito claimed that if block scheduling was put into place, students could have, “more one-on-one time with their teachers… and [they] would feel less pressure to finish tests or AEA’s in the short amount of time each class gives”. Therefore, whichever schedule we choose, it will benefit our school considering the fact they both increase class time.

Rotation Scheduling

Rotating periods usually alternate throughout the week. If a student has six classes a day, takes eight classes a semester, essentially they will drop two classes as the days progress. Overall, each class will be extended for a longer period of time. For example, if I were to attend Biology first period and American Literature second period on Monday, then on Tuesday those two classes will shift up one period. This would be the same for all classes and as time progresses you’ll be able to see all your classes in a two-week time period. This will allow students to have a constant changing schedule.

Block Scheduling

Block scheduling has been put into place in many local districts such as North Branford, Amity, Woodbridge, North Haven, and many others as well. Block scheduling consists of four periods a day, and each period’s duration time would round from 80 to 85 minutes. Therefore, this will allow students to accomplish more in one period. There would be “A” and “B” days, meaning every other day the schedule will alternate.

North Haven High School Schedule

Vincent DeNuzzo, EHHS’s principal, states, “Students will need to gain academic stamina… They will need to learn to sit in an Algebra 1 class for a long period of time while staying engaged. It will take some adjusting but for our college bound students, whether it be community or Ivy Leagues, they will have an hour to two hour classes. Essentially this will be preparation for life after high school.” It’s a known fact that high school is meant to help prepare us for college, but adding more time in each class will benefit us more than we know.

Many might ask why this change hasn’t happened sooner. Our school has indeed been throwing this idea around for quite sometime but it comes down to financial issues. Our school would need to hire more teachers for this schedule change to happen, which would be very hard to achieve. As Mr. DeNuzzo stated, that would be heavy on our fund, but this change has been proved to be imperative. In short, a change is upon us and each one of these ideas will accomplish our goal of maintaining twenty-three credits for our current freshman class. With time, our administration will give us more details on this climate altering change and will decide which new schedule will benefit EHHS the most.