Behind the Seas: EHHS’s Production of The Little Mermaid

This year, the EHHS Drama Club is performing a musical based off of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid on April 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2022. Due to the COVID pandemic for the past 2 years, the Drama Club has been through some difficulty producing a musical. However, this year they were able to begin their production of The Little Mermaid. The behind the scenes of this year's Drama Club production is much more complex than what is seen on the surface.

This year, the production will take place in front of a live audience for the first time in 2 years. Due to COVID, in 2020 the Drama Club's production of the musical, Catch Me If You Can, was canceled. In 2021, the Drama Club was able to make a film of the production Clue and live-stream it for audiences to see. While this took a toll on the Drama Club, it was still a great experience according to the cast. 4th year drama club cast member Isabella Martindale, who plays Ariel in the upcoming musical, states, “Even though we were not able to perform in front of an audience, it was a very interesting experience to film the show and then have the opportunity to watch it at home with our friends and families.” The EHHS Drama Club has faced many challenges due to COVID but are thankful that they are able to put on a live show this year.

While production for this musical began in January, the actual idea of the musical has been in play since the end of last school year. The Drama Club advisor, Ms. Collins explains that the process for setting up the musical takes from about January to April but the process behind picking a musical takes a much longer time. Ms. Collins says, “I just think it's the right show for this group of students, which is how we pick. It’s not about ‘Oh, I wanna do this show since it's my favorite’, it's about the cast that we have.” Due to the specific cast that the drama club currently has, Ms. Collins and Ms. Boisvert decided that The Little Mermaid would be a great production for them.

Currently, the Drama Club has 28 students in cast and about 5-10 in crew. This crew also consists of 4 middle school students from JMMS. The reason for the middle school students being involved in the EHHS Drama Club is because JMMS has also been experiencing difficulties with running their own Drama Club. Students in the cast auditioned in January and were given their roles about 2-3 weeks after. The drama club is still looking for people interested in crew, specifically students with the ability to paint or draw intricate designs on the props. A meeting for this was supposed to be held on Wednesday, March 9th but was postponed until Wednesday, March 16th due to a snow day early dismissal.

Rehearsals for the show are currently held 3-4 times a week but this will increase to 5 days a week as the show date gets closer. The rehearsals are held in the EHHS auditorium. If the Drama Club is not rehearsing someone's particular scene or song, that student is not required to attend the rehearsal.