Ateez: Making their Way to the Top of the Charts?

Photo Credit: ATEEZofficial on Twitter

This past October, the Korean Pop group, Ateez, released their very first album called TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action. The eight-member group, signed to KQ Entertainment and RCA Records, filmed a music video to go with their album, making it a successful comeback (release of a new album). The album consists of eight songs, an intro, an interlude, and an outro. Each K-pop album has a title track. A title track in a K-pop album represents the main theme of the album. It is usually capitalized, making it easier to recognize. Ateez’s title track in their new album is “WONDERLAND”. To understand the alleged meaning behind “WONDERLAND”, one would have to understand the theory behind their past title tracks because they all connect. The song is about them waking up from their “Illusion” (a past title track about their minds being stuck in the illusion that they’re going to find the “Treasure”, which is another past title track that talks about the pirate crew searching for the treasure to become “Pirate King(s)” (another past title track paired with “Treasure”)

In “WONDERLAND”, the setting is before “Pirate King”. So therefore, in theory, Ateez is just a regular group before they become Pirate Kings. Ateez has woken up from their “Illusion”, and they realize they need to escape the wonderland, which appears to be a dystopian future. During their escape, the dark versions of themselves will try to stop them from getting away, but they must keep going until they are out. That theory can be inferred by the order in which things have happened. Aside from the theory, the music video itself is well put together. The choreography is hardcore, intense, and very expressional. Hannah Medina, a senior at East Haven High School commented on what she thought about the music video: “I think they really know how to dance.. I’ll give them that. I really like how it switches back and forth from light to dark.” The members of the band energetically danced, swiftly turning around lines of flames! Their attitudes were fearless, their movements and facial expressions precise. Their demeanors prove they will stop at nothing to escape the wonderland, sticking together and standing tall as a group.

Ateez, of course, is a different sound; they represent K-Pop very well. Although there are lots of people who don’t listen to K-Pop or prefer to, more are starting to become open-minded. Hannah shared her stance on music when she said: “I don’t listen to K-pop like that… I mainly listen to people like Bryson Tiller and Kehlani so more R&B”. This just shows that if a non-K-Pop listener can see a K-Pop song and music video in the same light that K-Pop fans do, then others can too! The great thing about K-Pop is that it’s broken off into sub-genres: Bubble-gum, K-Rap/R&B, and K-Rock. There are songs with different beats and styles for everyone.

Ateez debuted on October 24, 2018 with their songs “Treasure” and “Pirate King”. The group is due to perform today (November 20th) at the congratulatory stage for the ‘2019 Supermodel Contest’. Their title track “WONDERLAND” debuted at No.7 on Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales chart”. It is Ateez’s highest-charting song to date! They won Best Korean Act at the 2019 MTV’s EMAs (Europe Music Awards) and they’re kicking off their first world tour, The Fellowship: Map The Treasure, in March of next year in Europe. Aside from their activities, they also run a Twitter account as well as a V-Live account, in which they conduct live broadcasts very frequently as a way to connect with their fans and better include them in their lives. Ateez is definitely becoming a big name in the music industry as a whole. Their music isn’t going unnoticed and there are millions of fans around the world waiting to buy their concert tickets.