Ariana Grande Launches REM Beauty

REM Beauty is a cosmetic brand made by musical artist Ariana Grande in 2019 and is sweeping EHHS’s beauty community as well as Ulta Stores. Ariana Grande has been working on this brand since early 2019, it was released November of 2021. She labeled it “Chapter 1.” Chapter 1 contained eyeliner, “falsies'' (false eyelashes), highlighter, plumping gloss, and more. It was only available on the R.E.M Beauty website. Chapter 2 was released in early April 2022 and consisted of skin care items including a facial calming mist, under eye balm, and a lash/eyebrow growth serum. Later that April, she officially partnered with Ulta, who will now be selling her products.

There have been mixed reviews about her products. Some say that it reminds them of “childrens makeup” and others say it’s a great way to start makeup. Ariana Grande herself said that it’s a great way to start out if you're new to wearing makeup. She gave some recommendations on the R.E.M Beauty Official TikTok. “I’m really in love with our skin prep, our under eye balm and our lash serum but everything else is really great too! Whatever you want, check it out. I'm so thankful!” said Ariana. Krystal Daniels, an Ulta customer, says, “The products are more than she expected at a great price.” Krystal took interest in the skin care products (the facial mist and the under eye balm). “For years I suffered with puffy under eyes and dark circles and I finally found a product that works for me” says Krystal.

EHHS Media Teacher and Makeup Enthusiast, Mrs. Jessica Spinelli was not familiar with any products but she quickly took interest in the eye shadow gloss after learning about every product and where it was located. “I love ULTA, I really want to try the eyeshadow gloss that's really cool and different.” There has been a lot of conflict with Ariana fans and the beauty community because the beauty community feels as though the only reason why R.E.M beauty is doing so well is because of Ariana’s fan base. Her fans, who like to be called “Arianators”, are in stores buying the product because it has Ariana Grande’s name on it, just like her perfumes she releases. EHHS Senior, Jalissa Orozco expressed that she is a fan of Ariana but she would “buy the product to try the product, not just to support Ariana”.

R.E.M Beauty will continue to release its products in Chapters. Chapter 1 and 2 were such a success, with Ariana confirming Chapter 3 is finished and Chapter 4 will be done soon. Everyone is going crazy trying to figure out what the next Chapters have in them. People are hoping that in Chapter 3 they’ll see more makeup and even hair extensions because Ariana is not only known for her iconic voice, but also her long high ponytail. “In Chapter 3 I really hope to see more lashes, hair, and maybe nails,” says Jalissa. Ariana Grande did receive backlash because she “hasn’t started AG7,'' which is her seventh album. A lot of fans thought that she would quit music and stay in the cosmetics world, but she quickly shut down those rumors. She said that she was focused on her upcoming movie Wicked, where she would star as Glinda the Good Witch. Fans are hoping that once all chapters of R.E.M Beauty are released a cohesive album will follow.