Are EHHS Vending Machines Worth Your Money?

Today in EHHS vending machines are often lacking, broken, and unused by students. Used vending machines cost between $1,500 - $3,000. According to VendTech Media, “We can say the average cost of a vending machine falls below $10,000 but above $1,500.” The school vending machines, however, were purchased by an outside company and not EHHS. Principal Vincent DeNuzzo said, “The school is granted $300 every 3 months that can only be used on the students by the company.” The school vending machines consist of snacks like baked potato chips, Cheetos, Doritos, white cheddar popcorn, etc. These items sell for between $1.25 - $1.75. Some of the snacks are expired or barely filled.

There are three vending machines throughout the school; two in the cafeteria and one in the lobby. During school, students have an estimated seven hours of class. Throughout the day, students interact with the vending machines, especially during lunchtime.

Photo Credit: Kevin Phan

A number of the students in school state that they don’t use the vending machines due to malfunctions. Malfunctions include money getting stuck or the food being stuck. The school has no power over the vending machines so when students ask for help, the office/staff can only tell the students to call the company. The locations of the vending machines are placed very far from students’ classes which makes it hard for students to have the time to use the vending machines.

Many students also stated that there are a limited amount of snacks. Dom Roberts said, “Snacks in the vending machines are sometimes unfulling and need better choices.” Students agreed that changing snacks like Pop-Tarts and granola bars to more popular snacks would be better. Students suggest that if snacks like Spicy Cheetos and other drinks were added, they would be more inclined to use the vending machine. In order to encourage more students to use the vending machines, their suggestions will need to be taken into account.

Photo Credit: Kevin Phan

There are a total of 37 selections in the vending machines with each selection consisting of 10 slots for a total of 370 snacks. If all 370 snacks are sold, the earnings will be about 462 dollars. At the end of the week, there are around 12 selections left, meaning around 100-120 snacks left. The leftover snacks are usually Pop-Tarts, Nutri Grain, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bars, and Rice Krispies Treats. The snacks are usually left untouched except for a few rice Krispies.

An EHHS senior, Frank Papa stated “I have never use the vending machine.” Many other students also said the same thing. Most of the time, there are only a certain group of people who will use the machines regularly. On some occasions, students will bring in their own snacks instead of using a vending machine. One out of ten students surveyed uses the vending machine.

The EH community can ask the company for different suggestions of snacks and drinks from the students so vending machines are more often used.