April 20, 2021 Buzzing @ Home

Senior Year Blues - 4/20/2021

I started off in school doing remote in the beginning of the year. In about November I switched to remote because I heard the cases were going up. I'm doing decently well being at home doing virtual, of course, there are some times I wished I was in school. This is not how I pictured my senior year.

Teachers Who Understand - 4/20/2021

I hate it. I don’t like having my camera on because it gives me anxiety, and I have had some issues with it already. The only part I like about being remote is I can work during the day and complete my schoolwork after work. I really appreciate Mrs. Picagli and Ms. Collins, who have both been extremely helpful with helping me complete my schoolwork, and they have been understanding my busy work schedule. Additionally, I have been under some circumstances at home where I have been really stressed and depressed, my English teacher was so understanding and offered to help me with anything I needed and offered her support. I am so appreciative of everything they’ve done for me.

Is this reality? - 4/20/2021

It's crazy to think they could set all this online stuff up.

Not so bad - 4/20/2021

I think hybrid learning is not as bad as we thought it would be. I definitely do better in school but I can't get sick again. I think it’s good but can be improved over time.

Attention Issues - 4/20/2021

I think it's good. It is a little hard because you don't really get the full attention when being a remote learner, as you would as an in-person student. But hybrid learning is going pretty well so far.

Disappointing Experience - 4/20/2021

Hybrid learning has been quite an experience. Personally, I've had multiple issues with the school constantly changing their minds on the format at the beginning of the year and even had to speak to the BOE. It was frustrating, and a lot of times I never got fully through to them. Watching new cases of COVID come into the schools around town almost every day is absolutely infuriating as well. My entire school experience has changed immensely. I didn't even get to finish my freshman year on a good note with my friends, and my sophomore year has been even more complicated.

Quarantine Woes - 4/20/2021

I feel that hybrid learning isn't that bad, however, I myself can't really focus at home and it's just better for me to be in school. Being in school for me is the only way I concentrate and learn. At home, there are many distractions, and it’s hard to learn from a screen, for me at least. I'm a very hands-on learner and visual learner therefore, I need to be in person in order to really see everything the teacher is doing. When I was doing remote for 2 weeks because I had to quarantine my grades dropped dramatically and I know I can do the work because as soon as I came back I went back to having honors. I believe people learn better online and at home, however, I don't.