An Upset for the Esports Teams

On Thursday, April 7th, Team Alpha and Team Bravo lost to their opponents. Team Alpha lost to Rham High School, 3-1, and Team Bravo lost to New Fairfield High School, 3-0.

Despite many techniques and moves during the matches and a strong level of confidence coming into this game, the teams were unable to come out on top. According to freshman Evan Martinez, he noticed his and his teammates' faults during the match. He claimed that their game seemed more off than usual: "If I'm going to be honest, this match they did not play as well as others and I know they are better than how they played on Thursday. I am very excited to see them show that skill they have in next week's match". Martinez's teammates played a combination of offense and defense, but in the end proved inadequate against their opponents. Martinez continued: "I did well at the start of the match and all the way through the rest of the games, however, I did have some mistakes towards the end, but I was able to recover from those mistakes". In the past, Martinez mentioned various things him and his team has to work on, like bettering their teamwork and maneuvering skills in order to have better control of the ball. Of course, if that were the case, there would be more opportunities to score. Martinez commented on his opponent's skill: "Rham High School is just a much better team than us. They have much more skill and experience with this than us, but I do know we are definitely going to be up to their point one day".

Team Bravo experienced quite the upset as well during their match against New Fairfield High School. Martinez commented on the losses: "They did good at the start, but it was a sad loss for both Bravo and Alpha. But that loss didn't stop our confidence because we have a good feeling about next week's match". With that said, there are many things to improve on leading to the next match, which is the last of the Spring season.