An Update from the Class of 2022

This school year, there have been tons of questions on everyone’s minds about sports, clubs, mask-wearing, and most importantly: prom. Angelina Vincenti, Class of 2022 Vice President explains that the junior class officers have some plans for the class activities and potential ideas for the future. Vincenti said: “It’s been hard planning activities because of Covid and all the restrictions, but if you and any of the junior class have any ideas we’ll happily discuss them.”

The class officers have been working diligently, especially after the change of class presidents. They are working to ensure that everyone can have a safe and fun senior year. The junior class officers have come up with some potential ideas they intend to propose hopefully within the distant future, including events like bucket shakes.

The status of prom is a huge debate throughout many schools across the country, and schools in our area. Vincenti says that the idea is still up in the air about the prom, and there is not a known answer yet. Looking at the current situation, there are a lot of restrictions that have to be taken into consideration and it is difficult to plan a large event like prom around them. With the recent introduction of the vaccine, many social distancing and business restrictions are being lessened by the Governor. According to the Office of Governor Ned Lamont, age groups 16-34 will be able to receive the vaccine as of May 3rd 2021. This could open up some new possibilities for the Class of 2022, including the possibility of senior activities like prom and senior trips next year. As for this year, there are still a lot of things still up in the air, including fundraisers. There are some potential ideas in progress, and hopefully they will be up and running in the coming months.