Amelia Iuliano’s Local Produce Solution

A necessary food list is characterized by fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat, but when COVID-19 took over the country people weren’t able to safely obtain these basic foods. East Haven was lucky to have local resident Amelia Iuliano. Amelia gave the residents of East Haven a safe and friendly environment to buy produce, pasta, and dairy, fresh from her garage, which she calls Amelia’s Florist and Farm Market. She exemplifies some of the good that can be found in East Haven.

Currently, Amelia is starting to gain recognition and appreciation for her good deeds, but this is not the first time she has done this. She grew up on a farm and was taught at a young age how to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables; which she is now supplying to the East Haven locals. She was originally a florist, but when the virus swept across the nation she knew her calling was to provide for East Haven. She started spreading the word about her produce garage on her Facebook page but decided to post it on a Facebook group titled, The Good Things About East Haven, after being encouraged by others. She explained, “I never in a million years thought that I would be able to do something this good for people and it makes me feel like I have accomplished something that I have tried to do many many times in my life. I am very happy that I decided to do what I am doing.” She is able to provide another shopping environment for people who are scared of venturing to the larger grocery stores and possibly contracting the virus.

One group of people that have benefited from her produce is the elderly. She said, “I especially have a lot of elderly people coming to me because they don’t want to deal with any of the supermarkets because of the Coronavirus […] they tell me every time they come here how happy they are that I am doing what I am doing, and they support me one hundred percent.” One reason her setup is so great is that it is outside and in the open. She makes sure everyone is abiding by the social distancing rules while still allowing everyone to purchase what they need. Gretchen Martindale, a current customer of Amelia’s Florist and Farm Market, says, “She has made it much more convenient for me to get fresh produce and going into a smaller setting where you are not worried about going into a big store and being around crowds and a lot of people.” Gretchen lives in East Haven and says she goes there often because of how close it is and how great everything is. She even compliments Amelia’s flowers and the set up as a whole.

Because of the great accomplishments that Amelia has brought upon herself because of the Market, she has been asked various times if she would continue even after the virus has died off. She says that she wants to continue because of the appreciation that she has gained. She says, “I try to think of everything that people would want to have; all of the freshness and the good quality of produce.” In troubling times it is great to see someone who has risen to the challenge to provide and help those who need it most, and Amelia’s Florist and Farm Market does exactly that.