All EHHS Lunches Return to the Cafeteria

As of the start of semester two on January 26, 2022 all EHHS students are to report to the cafeteria for lunch for the rest of the 2021-2022 school year. Due to multiple reasons, all 4 lunch waves will now be held in the cafeteria only. At the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, seniors were allowed to eat lunch in the tech room across from the cafeteria, and students in the cafeteria were allowed to eat lunch in the outside patio area. However, due to the start of construction on the new manufacturing classroom and the cold weather, both spaces became unavailable for use. In an attempt to provide seniors with a lunch space, the LMC became a space for seniors to go and enjoy their lunch., After the recent change, and now all students no matter what grade are supposed to report to the cafeteria for lunch.

According to EHHS principal, Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo , there were multiple reasons for the change such as, “COVID cases going down, wanting to return to a bit of normalcy, kids getting vaccinated.”. For some, such as EHHS English teacher, Ms. Themis Valsamis, this change has brought about good things. She prefers the lunches in place now as opposed to those in place before, seeing as how the hallways are quieter now allowing for more concentration in class and fewer distractions or disruptions. She says “as long as precautions are taken, students aren’t in any danger” and the change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A different story is told by junior, Kevin Lawlor. Kevin has said that there are days in which, “ I have to rush to lunch and sometimes I don’t even get food in order to get a table.” On the days Kevin has chosen to get lunch, he has had to sit with students he doesn’t know or get one of the extra seats that are on the sides of the cafeteria because there were no open tables left. If he plans on getting lunch Kevin has an agreement with his friends in which, “one friend will rush to the cafeteria and get a table while the others get their food after the others are done getting their food the person at the table will go get their food.”

Photo Credit: Lynna Son

Mr. DeNuzzo believes that having all students report to the cafeteria is safer because staff will know where students are and there will be fewer students roaming around the hallways in case of an emergency. The school has taken into consideration the kid’s safety and well-being, Mr. DeNuzzo has even said that “if it was a risk to students, we wouldn’t be doing it.” Mr. DeNuzzo also says that the school might be working on coming up with a senior lunch/lounge space to which seniors will have to earn the privilege.