Alexis Pendziwater’s Life at the Top of the Key: Her Rise to the 3-Point Record

Photo Credit: Missy Luzzi

The girl’s varsity basketball team co-captain Alexis Pendziwater ended her seven-year East Haven basketball career. As the final buzzer sounds for her, she will be stepping off of the EHHS court and onto another one.

Alexis has always been on a basketball court, finding her love for the game when she was just three years old. Her mother, Ursula Pendziwater, said, “At an early age, she loved the game and asked for a hoop so she could practice. She was always looking for games, tournaments and more time she could get into playing the game she loved.” In second grade Alexis went to play for Sal Tinari Biddy Basketball, where she played until sixth grade. When Alexis joined Joseph Melillo Middle School, she played on the team there from sixth to eighth grade. Alexis worked with a personal trainer to make sure she was doing the best she could. After middle school, Alexis made the varsity basketball team at EHHS in her freshman year and has had lots of playing time since.

During Alexis’s sophomore season, she broke the single season 3-point record and held the all time school 3-point record. Alexis was also part of the 2017-2018 Class M championship team that won at Mohegan Sun. Although Alexis’s senior season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, going into the season she held high hopes along with her co-captain senior Isabella Ragaini.

Alexis and Isabella had hoped to work hard enough to bring the younger members of the team to the state championship game at Mohegan Sun, so they could experience what Alexis and Isabella had two years ago. Alexis has ended her senior season with 241 3-pointers, only 5 away from the state record. Alexis was also very close to reaching her one thousand points total in her career. When asking about her successes as a team leader she said “being part of the captain's council taught me how to be a leader, how to be a team player and how to work with people that you didn’t always agree with. It taught me to work hard and to never give up. Even when I was having a bad day, I had to work through it because I was part of a team. It taught me not to be selfish.” Basketball helped Alexis be the person she is today because she learned that you need to let the negativity go and let it give you motivation to be the better person. She believes all the skills she has learned in school and basketball will help her be successful in college, as an adult and in life. Even though the season was cut short, she doesn’t see basketball leaving her future anytime soon as she plans to continue her career in college.

Alexis Pendziwater will be playing basketball after she graduates EHHS at Albertus Magnus for the Falcons. While Alexis is in college and after she graduates, she would one day like to coach basketball. Alexis hopes to leave an impression on kids just like her motivators had done for her.

One of Alexis’s biggest fans and former teammates is her sister, Nicole. Nicole said “I felt very lucky to play basketball with my best friend, who is also my sister. During that time together we were able to make memories that most sisters aren’t able to make like driving to practice together, sharing wins and losses but most of all being part of a championship team. I am happy I had these three years and I will miss them.” Nicole has high hopes for her sister’s success in college basketball and will be cheering her on.

In addition to her basketball career, Alexis enjoys golf. She was selected this year to be captain but unfortunately the spring season for sports will not be happening. Alexis also played tennis and volleyball. She has also achieved the position of Treasurer for the Class of 2020 and maintained her position as an executive leader in S.A.D.D.