A Supernatural Review for Stranger Things Season Three (Spoilers!)

Stranger Things, a Netflix original TV show, became a sensation worldwide, grabbing the attention of many people for its amazing plot and character development. Season three was released on July 4, 2019, and it broke many records. Although the show is entertaining to watch, many important things were left out this season, some parts felt randomized, and the writers focused on insignificant things.

The season takes place during 1985, in Hawkins, Indiana, during the summertime. A group of middle schoolers: Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, and Max; and a girl with telekinesis abilities named Eleven, are trying to stop the “mind flayer,” a supernatural being, from taking over the world. However, since season two, the mind flayer has developed new abilities. Russians, portrayed as villains, were also introduced this season; they try to open a dangerous dimension under Hawkins but Dustin, Steve, Erica, and Robin were able to penetrate the secret base underneath the mall. Hopper and Joyce, two concerned parents also elaborated to stop the Russians from ending the world.

Credit: Beyond My Ken

Overall, season three had everything it needed to keep me entertained. Character development is one of the major elements that was focused this season since we are seeing the kids becoming young adults which was well written. Marchella Bailey, a senior at EHHS, commented: “I think the development of the characters this season was well portrayed in each episode. I felt that every character started to have their own identity and they became independent.” This season, Eleven was finally able to build up her own personality and become an independent person without other people telling her how to behave and she was finally able to make her own choices.

In season three, they have also included many new characters such as Robin, and Erica that made the show more entertaining and humorous because of their personality throughout the season. They also gave Max and Billy more screen time since Max was becoming a member of the group and Billy was our main antagonist. It was a good move for the writers to include new characters this season so the audience could look forward to what sort of relationships and bonds they were going to create with the already existing characters.

Another great element that was well written was the dynamics and relationship between some characters. This season is focused on building many relationships in just 8 episodes. I think that many relationships were extremely well written such as between Max and Eleven. They were finally able to become friends this season and they developed a strong bond. Max was able to help Eleven build a new personality, other than supernatural beings, by getting her out of her bubble and into the real social world.

Although this season had a great relationship and character development, there were still some characters that were left out such as the relationship between Max and Billy. Billy, Max’s stepbrother, becomes the main villain when the mind flayer took control of his body but in the end, he ended up turning against the mind flayer saving Max and her friends, costing his life. This season, there wasn’t any sort of relationship between Max and Billy and they barely talked which was a bit strange because in the end, we saw how much Billy meant to Max when he died but we didn’t see their relationship on camera. The writer should have written a sibling relationship between them.

Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder, played a crucial role in season 1 and 2 but not this. In season one, Joyce’s plot was driven by the disappearance of her child. In season 2, her plot was driven by a supernatural being that took control of her son’s body but in season 3, her plot was driven by magnets that weren’t sticking on her fridge which was kind of absurd. Joyce is usually seen as a fighter every season but that fact that she infiltrated a Russian base because her magnets weren’t sticking to her fridge was ridiculous. Her plot could have been more meaningful this season but it felt randomized.

Season three is also very repetitive with the same antagonist, the mind flayer and Demogorgon, returning to face the kids. Coralyz Torres, a current EHHS student, commented, “The Demogorgon and mind flayer is getting agonizing because it's the same every season, it just attacks multiple people. They should add new antagonists to make it more interesting.” Coralyz and many other fans are becoming annoyed that the writers aren’t introducing a new antagonist making the show very repetitive. Overall, this season was still very entertaining to watch even though some parts could have been improved.

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Stranger Things, written by Winona Ryder, Cary Elwes, Dacre Montgomery, Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, has become the most-streamed show on Netflix. Netflix claims that 64 million watched season 3 since the first month it hit the streaming platform on July 4. This successful show has also been nominated for 221 awards and has won 64 awards including Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, Choice Television Awards, and Oscars