A Senior’s Outlook on Last Semester

As of a few weeks ago, the second semester of the school year started. This means for seniors, this will be their last semester ever at EHHS, which has many either happy, sad, or anything in between. With graduation only a few months away, seniors are preparing to move on to the next chapter of their life after high school.

Many students across EHHS have all heard about how fast high school goes by, whether it be from a parent, a teacher, or anyone else. To many, hearing it sounds cliche, but after experiencing my four years, I can say it’s very true. Some seniors say that time flew by so fast that they truly don’t feel like seniors yet. Senior Noah Danz said, “I feel good about it, but it doesn’t feel like I’m a senior.” He also added that he thinks he will adapt well to life after leaving EHHS, which will be a problem for some people after graduating. I know myself that I’m both looking forward to moving on from high school and I’m ready to start working on the next steps of life, but I also know that I’m going to miss my time here at EHHS immensely.

The past four years have made me into the person I am today, and I think moving on from that will be challenging. But I think EHHS has left me in a good spot to move on and he provided me the skills necessary in order to be successful. Fellow senior Richard Sheehan feels the same way, saying “High school has prepared me for the future by giving me the education I need to succeed. It has also helped me socially by teaching me to work in a team with others.” Thanks to the skills that we have learned throughout our time in high school, the senior class is in the best position possible in order to become adults and move on in life.

Photo from @EHHSPrincipal/ Twitter

Some of the skills and tools that my peers and I have learned involve learning how to socialize and work in groups, how to problem solve, the importance of being on time, and plenty more skills that I will use for what I do in the future.

However with these feelings also comes anticipation for the future. Being in my last few months of high school, I am looking forward to school events like prom, the senior luncheon, graduation, and more. These events will be the things that I will remember well when I think back to high school. Unfortunately, being so eager for these events, particularly graduation, has given me a different feeling in school. This year I find that school is different due to the fact that I will graduate in a few months, and I’m sure that other seniors in EHHS have the same feeling of being anxious for graduation. Some seniors also may have developed some senioritis, which can also be a factor in senior year.

When it comes to graduation, all seniors in EHHS are generally excited about it, at least on the surface. Many are excited and look forward to taking another step to becoming an adult, even if they will miss what they experienced here at EHHS. “I’m excited to graduate, I have been looking forward to leaving schools and becoming an adult. I’m looking forward to spending these last couple of months with friends and having a good time before graduation,” said Richard. Likewise, senior Ethan Kowalczik feels the same way about graduating but admits that he will miss the memories that he has made over his high school years. “I am excited to graduate and finally get out of high school, I will still miss a lot of the teachers and my friends though,” Ethan said. I can relate to both Ethan and Richard, as I too am looking forward to graduating and leaving. However, leaving behind everything from my four years will be tough.

Even with all of the memories I have made, there is still plenty that I would’ve changed about what I did during high school. Personally, I know I could have done plenty to make high school better for myself over the years. Possibly the biggest thing I could’ve done was put more effort into my school work. There were plenty of times that I put lackluster effort into things over the years. Looking back now, just putting in a tiny bit more effort would’ve made high school so much easier. For Richard, he also has things he would’ve changed about his high school experience to make it better. “To improve my time in high school, I could have tried more extracurricular activities like clubs,” he said. Ethan also had his regrets, saying “I would tell myself to workout earlier and train for football to be better because I could have a chance for more and better offers.” Overall, if underclassmen are to take one thing from the seniors, it should be to get involved and try your hardest in every aspect of school, as it will pay off.