A School Officer's Declassified Survival Guide

Freshman Class Elections

As election season rolls by, new leaders have been named and have started to make their mark in their respective positions. Similarly, on November 20th, the class of 2023 elected the leaders of their class - the class officers - during advisory through a poll posted on their class Google Classroom. For the next two years, these five elected individuals will lead their class in fundraisers, activities, and more. Though they are new to the role, the current eleven officers and eight advisors are here to guide them as they adjust.

What is a Class Officer?

Class officer elections typically happen in September and are organized by the class advisors. An announcement is made to the student body on the advisory Google Classroom, and interested students meet with their class’ advisors to learn about the next steps in the election process: requirements, a speech, etc. From then on, the entire class will read the candidates’ speeches and decide, depending on the position, which student is the ideal fit for the role.

The leaders of each class consists of five positions: a president, vice president, secretary, historian, and treasurer. However, the class of 2022 only consists of a president, vice president, and secretary. Each class bears two class advisors, who are teachers at EHHS, that aid the officers on all matters. However, it is the responsibility of the officers to plan all activities. They are in charge of collecting class dues - yearly payments paid directly to the advisors, class fundraisers, and all senior activities including the luncheon, homecoming, and prom. Ms. Elizabeth Criscuolo, the junior class advisor, says:

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“We will go to administration and get the approval that we need, but things like organizing fundraisers

involved [is their responsibility]." As a class officer, you must communicate, not only with your fellow officers but with your advisor. Your advisors will always be there to aid you, but it is your responsibility to take initiative!

A Class Officers First Steps

As a first-year class officer, it seems like there is not much to do. On the contrary, students should understand that several tasks can and should be completed. Fundraisers, for example, are important in order to make payments for all activities. There are several options for fundraisers, such as Krispy Kreme donuts, Bishop’s Orchards’ pies and breads, and Pura Vida bracelets. Though fundraisers can go towards the class as a whole, it should be known that personal fundraisers can also be executed. No matter the fundraiser, any amount gathered will allow for costs to be minimized for prom tickets, homecoming decorations, and homecoming tickets. Raising money as early as possible allows the officers to make future decisions accordingly. Sophomore class president, Justin Thompson, says, “Having one fundraiser done and even having a set of goals for next year are important tasks to be done by the end of freshman year. This allows the class to have some established funds and help officers pick up where they left off during summer vacation quickly and easily.”

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All money collected is going towards the class’ senior activities; although it seems far away, preparations, such as searching and booking venues should be completed as soon as possible. Matthew Gaudioso, sophomore vice president, says, “The most important thing is to get things done immediately. Procrastinating is the worst possible thing you could let happen to your plans.” In order to be effective as a leader, it is important to be responsible. You do not want to complete a few tasks in a constrained amount of time, rather you want to have extra activities planned and executed in a longer period of time.

Furthering the Job of a Class Officer

Although fundraisers and class dues are important tasks, other activities can be carried out. These projects should, however, be individualized to the class. Ms. Criscuolo says, “Touch on the things that the students really care about. What is important to them - reach out and ask them what is important. What is important to them at that time and what they can work on to make their transition through high school easier.” Wanting to create an eventful senior year is only one part of a class officers’ job. However, creating an enjoyable four years of high school should be prioritized along with these senior activities. Additionally, you can help improve our school. If a student mentions an area for potential improvement, it is the job of the leaders of EHHS, such as the class officers, to take the initiative to fix that area. Justin says, “Being an officer is all about listening and making their [students] time at EHHS the best it can possibly be. Speaking up for yourself and classmates is the main focus of the job.” The job of a class officer is versatile, but the end goal is to always have students enjoy their time in a positive environment.

My Experience

Four years ago as a freshman, I became a class officer. As my senior activities are rapidly approaching, all of our actions have proven to be valuable in several areas. Our freshmen and sophomore year fundraisers allowed us to book a prom venue early, remove a dues drive during our sophomore year, and cut the cost of tickets for senior prom altogether! Additionally, we did not limit ourselves to impacting only our class. Last year, during a change in the rules for the bathrooms, students were confused as to the reasoning behind it. As class officers, we recognized this confusion and were able to speak to the administration and organize an assembly to explain to the students all the background information.

Photo Credit: Amy Nieto

As a class officer, you are not only a leader of your class but for the school as a whole. One freshman candidate recognized this ability stating, “I think all class officers make an impact on this school in the best way possible. From president to historian to secretary all of the class officers try to make an impact in the school and community.” If you hold a class officer position, you should be passionate about helping your classmates and creating a pleasant environment for the school as a whole.

Becoming a class officer comes with much responsibility. However, if you take action as quickly as possible - like during freshman year - you will find minimal struggles. Though finding struggles is inevitable, the outcome will always make it worthwhile. Each action you take or do not take will dictate the next four years. Recognize this impact and provide your class and student body with the best four years of high school possible!