A Positive Outlook for the Esports Teams

On Thursday, March 24, Team Bravo lost their match against New Britain High School, 0-3. On a brighter note, Team Bravo won their match last week, on March 17, versus Greenwich High School. Team Alpha was supposed to have a match on the 24th, but it was postponed to Friday, the 25th, where they won against The Gilbert School, 3-0.

Team Bravo's performance this season so far was much less anticipated. As of right now, the team has a 1-4 record for the season. Evan Martinez, from Team Alpha, commented on Team Bravo: "They do not have the same skill as Team Alpha, however, they are a young team and they will eventually get better". This is the first year that the players on Team Bravo have played in a competitive setting and are still adjusting to it. Given enough time and practice, Team Bravo will eventually improve their skill and approach towards the game.

Currently, Team Alpha has a 2-3 record for the season. Their recent win against The Gilbert School has definitely boosted their morale. When interviewed, Martinez talked about this match in a positive light: "We did great. However, the servers were very laggy and difficult to play on, but we still did good and took the victory". He continued to reflect on his performance during the match: "I feel like I did great. I scored a good amount of goals and I scored the final goal which led us to victory". This win definitely benefited the team, as before this, they were on an unfortunate 3-game losing streak. Martinez then went on to talk about his teammates: "They were not bad at all. They did do some stuff I was hoping they didn't do, but it all worked out. We pulled through and won". Martinez believes that he and his team's skill eclipsed their opponent's skill: "They were a good team, but we were just the better team. They did lots of stuff like over-commits, which gave us many open nets". Because of this, it led to the team's huge win against their opponents.

The future of both teams is bright. Though their records for this Spring season so far are not as expected, both teams are looking to reflect on this season after it ends and make adjustments as needed. Martinez is quite optimistic about his team's future, despite their losses this season: "I'm very optimistic and I think that maybe we can get better at the game in the future which requires lots of time into the game". Both teams are hoping that with enough practice, they can eventually make it to the playoffs and prove their worth to their opponents in the future. Martinez also wished that his teammates had more time after school to practice, but also acknowledged their busy schedules: "I really wish my teammates had time to play on their consoles often so we can practice more and get better at the game so we can play against all of the other schools. However, I understand that they are busy". He also continued to express his determination to improve, despite his teammates' schedules: "That doesn't stop me from trying to get better at the game. I try to put as much time into the game as I can". Martinez hopes that his teammates will have more time over the summer to practice and hopefully have a better record in the upcoming Fall season during the 2022-2023 school year: "I know over the summer my team shouldn't be busy. Over the summer we should definitely get better".

On Thursday, March 31, Team Alpha will be playing against Conard High School, and Team Bravo will be playing against Putnam Science Academy. In the past, Team Alpha has not had a good record when playing against Conard High School. Currently, Conard High School is 12th in the state with a 3-2 record. Their team is very skilled, but this will not stop Team Alpha from trying their hardest. Putnam Science Academy has 2 teams competing this year, one of which is playing Team Bravo on Thursday. The team that Team Bravo will be playing is ranked last in the state, with a 0-4 record. With this being said, let's hope that both Esports teams will pull through with a much-needed win!

The Esports club is always welcoming new members. Mondays after school (until 4pm) are club days, where students play the game, Rocket League, casually. The Esports Varsity teams stay after on Thursdays to practice and compete. Martinez has had a positive experience with the club so far and is enjoying it very much: "It's been wonderful and I have loved every single minute of it. It is something that I enjoy and want to do".