2020 Presidential Election: COVID and the Economy Platforms

During this year's presidential election there will be more at stake than ever. Amidst a global pandemic there are more questions than answers. One of these questions is how each presidential candidate will deal with the pandemic. The two main presidential candidates are incumbent President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. While there may be holes within their plans, both parties have publicized their platform as they deem necessary.

East Haven students and families are feeling stressed by COVID-19 and find that this is one of the most important factors in making their voting decision this year. Each president created a comprehensive plan for dealing with the pandemic.

President Donald Trump's plan comes in three steps, with the goal of reopening America. His first step was created for all states where this is deemed plausible. According to the White House website, phase one includes having those who are vulnerable remain in shelters, having groups of ten or more be avoided when social distancing is not feasible, and minimizing nonessential traveling. This step would also include reopening business, unless they are places of large congregation such as bars, any school organizations that have been closed, and that gyms should open up as long as they have strict social distancing and sanitation protocols. Phase two is for states that show no sign of increasing in cases. This plan would include those who are vulnerable remaining sheltered, maximized distance between people in public, and groups of fifty or more should be avoided when social distancing is not practical. This would also include school activities reopening, large venues opening with moderate social distancing protocols, and bars opening with limited standing occupancy. Phase three is for states that show no sign of an increase in cases. This would allow vulnerable individuals to resume their normal lives, with social distancing. This would also have large venues remain open with increased occupancy, gyms will remain open as long as they continue to sanitize, and bars can have an increased standing occupancy when this is feasible.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s plan begins with putting scientists at the forefront of the media, in hopes of stopping more Asian-American hate crimes, which have risen since the first appearance of COVID-19. It would have decisions be made by not only politicians, but also by public health professionals. It would create at least ten mobile testing or drive through sites within each state. This plan would make COVID-19 testing free for all who need it. He would also expand healthcare infrastructures by building new and renovating old medical facilities, expanding the hiring of health care and emergency service workers, caregivers in nursing homes, and child care workers. Each plan has entirely different goals. Where former Vice President Joe Biden’s plan focuses more on economic relief, President Donald Trump's plan is to completely reopen America. Each president also touts a comprehensive platform on many other issues, which can be found at their websites. In the uncertain times our country is facing, each candidate must be more prepared than ever for a presidency.

President Donald Trump’s Re-election site: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Re-election site: https://joebiden.com/