Sunday Funday at the EH Town Green

Do you enjoy music? Do you enjoy relaxing on Sundays and spending time with your family? Well you are in luck because it is that time of year again when there are weekly concerts on the East Haven town green.

Every Sunday, the Parks and Rec Association host concerts at the East Haven green as an event residents can come to for some family fun. Many families who go and enjoy the concerts say they are a blast and recommend that people go and check them out. One of the members from Parks and Rec, Lou Pane, said, “We host these concerts for everyone; they are a lot of fun, and we usually have a lot of people that go to them. If you get a chance you should try and go see a concert.” They have many of concerts on the green in the summer with great bands who come out to play.

The next concert is being held on Sunday July 7th. It will begin at 6 o'clock on the East Haven green and will feature the band Avenue Groove. EHHS student Andrew Zito said,

“I do not go to the concerts, but my grandparents go and have a lot of fun. They say the bands are very good that play.” Another EHHS student Michael Capozzo said, “It's not just for old people. My parents go to these concerts and say they the music is very good and it is very energetic.”

Get there with your family, relax, and have fun. The East Haven Parks and Rec will be hosting the concerts all summer long. Lou Paine said, “Everyone should get out to the green when they have a chance. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun.” Make sure to bring your lawn chair for a fun Sunday.