The Softball Teams Huge Win

The EHHS Softball Team is a unique team mostly composed of underclassmen. The Softball Team had a huge win against NFA (Norwich Free Academy). NFA was undefeated and ranked number 5 in the state at the time of the game, which the EHHS softball team proved NFA’s high rankings were not enough to win.

The EHHS Softball team’s win against NFA represented how they work together and how they communicate to accomplish their goals. Mr. Crisafi, the coach of the team, said, “We only made one error we played some good defense, and made some spectacular plays. Sam Franceschi, a sophomore at second base made a great play. She caught the ball did a 360 and threw the girl out and sophomore Tori Heaphy pitched a great game she only gave up four hits, walked one, and struck out eight.” Although they still had challenges to face, the minimal amount of mistakes allowed them to become more comfortable and work in unison. Tori Heaphy said, “Coming in, I knew NFA was a ranked team and that we’d have to put up a good fight in order to get the result we wanted. I’d been told I was going to pitch that game, which excited me because I work best when I’m challenged. I was confident and ready to throw.” Also, Sam Franceschi said, “Going into the game honestly I was pretty nervous. I knew that it was going to be a tough game because they were one of the top teams in the state and were undefeated. But I also knew that we were prepared for the game because of all the hard work everyone puts in.”

Photo Credit: Tori Heaphy

The softball team earned the NFA win, they earned it by all contributing key plays and practicing day and night. To go along with this Sam Franceschi said, “It was not one practice that prepared us for this game, it was the continued effort put in through the entirety of the season.”

Overall the softball team stayed focused which was the main contributor to their victory. Tori Heaphy said, “The whole team had been informed that NFA was a tough team to beat. So to prepare, we all worked extra hard in practice the day before and made sure we kept a good mindset both before and during the game.” The team not becoming distracted allowed them to have some great plays on defense and offence with minimal errors occuring. The Easties offense consistently hit throughout the whole game allowing them to pull ahead on the scoreboard. As the team’s defense stopped hits with ease.

In result of the softball team working together it allowed them to improve as a whole. As the game ended it was clear the team and coaches were proud of their performance. Tori Heaphey said, “After the win, I felt as though we, as a team, became more in sync and complete; everyone did their job, offensively and defensively. We worked together really well. After beating a team like NFA, we realized that if we played our hardest, we could beat any team we face.” This was shown on Wednesday the 8th when the softball team beat North Haven who was previously undefeated. With this win the softball team is 8-6 and have qualified for the state tournament with one week left in their season.