Our Final Thoughts: Class of 2019

The 2018-2019 school year is finally coming to an end and it couldn’t have gone by faster. Being part of this year's graduating class, I have gotten the time to look back on these past four years and reflect on the journey I have had in EHHS. I have grown so much as a person and have learned so much as to what life has in store for me. Freshmen year I was the shy and quiet new girl that no one knew but now as a senior I have gone out of my shell and built the confidence to just be myself and go for it. Not only I but the rest of this years senior class has started to reminisce about their years at EHHS.

Photo credit: Mrs. Harkins

When asked about his high school experience, Charles Carrera says, “It’s been great I’ve learned a lot from teachers and I learned a lot about life.” Taylor Myers will, “Miss seeing friends everyday and knowing people,” since she will be going to Roger Williams College next year and not have familiar faces. Many seniors can agree that in these four years they have matured a lot and seen how hard it is you need to work in order to succeed in life. Jenna Pane stresses on the importance of time management and prioritization; “To the incoming freshmen, prioritize your work even if you just wanna be lazy in high school because it isn’t going to pay off.” To all the underclassmen my tip to you is to stay true to yourself. Friends are going to come and go so don’t stress on it. Charles’s tip to the incoming freshmen is, “Pick the right friends because your friends are gonna be the best reflection of you as you go on.” You’re also going to make so many great memories, Diana Kalman will never forget when “the radiator from our bus blew up when we came from our volleyball game and Kelli rolled out through the back window;” but expect there to be bad times, your whole high school career isn’t going to be easy.

Ali Szewc’s worst memories includes relationship problems, the stress she underwent in some classes in order to maintain her grades, and being close to losing her captainship. However she didn’t let those hardships get to her, “it was horrible but it motivated me into being a better person.” All in all after graduation on June 11, we all will still remember the best and the worst from EHHS.

At the end of the day, your high school career is going to be what you make it to be, so go make mistakes, have fun, and take advantage of the time you have, because trust me it will fly by. Take it from us... Till next time, Yellowjackets.