Steve Emt's Important Message

Steve Emt was invited to EHHS by the EHHS SADD club to share his sad, yet encouraging, story of how making one bad decision turned his whole world upside down. Mr. Emt came to talk about drinking and driving and his story to the juniors and seniors at EHHS.

Photo credit: EHHS SADD Chapter

Mr. Emt started by speaking on how he went to the United States Military Academy, West Point. He explained how the death of his father affected him and his family, and then he further explained an accident he had when he was in his twenties. He said while intoxicated, his truck rolled off the I-84. He was taken to the hospital and he was in a coma for a short period of time before he woke up and found out how lucky he was to be alive, considering his injuries. He was told he was paralyzed from the waist down and would never be able to walk again.

He also realized how he was being selfish in his actions because not only did it affect him but his mother as well. The most impactful part to me when hearing his story was when Steve first woke up

after being in a coma and he felt his mom’s single tear slide down his face.

Steve Emt’s message gave me the feeling that he was trying to say to students that making one stupid judgment call or one mistake can leave you with a deadly consequence that can not only affect you, but the people around you. Seniors and Juniors that attended the assembly really resonated with the message given by Steve Emt’s story. When asked what his message meant to them, senior Zach Danz mentioned, “That you can have everything and you can be on top of the world, but it can be taken away from you in an instant because of a stupid mistake.” Senior Jessica Martinez mentioned, “I actually cried. It was really motivating.” The juniors were really impacted as well. They learned to be aware of those around you and look out for your friends that might not be making the best decision for themselves. Steve’s message impacted most of the students in the room, especially with prom happening around the corner.

The reason why Steve Emt’s message was important for the students this time of year because prom was incoming and usually around this time a lot of drinking and driving happens as students celebrate prom weekend. His story was perfect timing to help remind students of the consequences of drinking and driving.

Steve EMT is a former UConn basketball player and became paraplegic after getting into a car accident. After his accident and while in a wheelchair, Steve tried many different sports before finding curling. Steve tried many different sports, like wheelchair basketball but didn't like it. He earned his teacher's degree while working part-time as a teacher's assistant. He joined a curling team and has since become a Paralympic athlete. He has also been publicly speaking about his experiences “[F]ull time about 6 months now.”

Steve Emt left a lasting impression on me personally through his story, and that really resonated with me to always be careful and responsible with things I do. Steve Emt used his story of drinking and driving to tell about what happened to him, and people around him. He let us know that you might not be lucky enough to get a second chance. I want to thank Steve for coming to EHHS and telling us his story and using his story to help us make smarter decisions and to learn about how our actions can have serious consequences and affect those around us. I also wanted to thank SADD for contacting him and having him come here to speak to us before we went off to prom and summer break.