How I Explored Teaching What I Love

EHHS hosted their first Core Values Day on Monday, May 20th. This day was held for students to learn from other students. The day was divided into three sessions that students were able to sign up for in order for them to learn something they were interested in. I had the opportunity to host a session about becoming a journalist.I was able to teach students how to explore, empower, and achieve as a reporter.

I taught one session with a total of 18 students ranging from freshmen to seniors. My goal for these students included to teach them how to ask the right questions when interviewing someone, then actually having the chance to walk around the school to other sessions so my students can ask questions to others about their thoughts on Core Values Day. I wanted these students to be able to get out of their comfort zone and find out what other students really thought about what they were doing for the day.

We had started with them getting to know one another by writing practice questions to ask one another. These questions ranged from “what is your primary language?” to “what do you see yourself doing in 15 years?” These questions had a range of many different responses, and based off of what others said, I got to explain how to get more than just a one word answer and how to ask follow up questions on the spot. Alina Tran, a junior who attended this class has said, “It was actually hard to think up questions to ask people. I learned that journalists have to ask specific questions to try to get as much information out of a person as they can.” This was the first time these students got to explore what it was like to be in a real interview.

Once they got the idea of how to ask questions that will get an elaborate response, they then began to write questions to ask others in different sessions. These questions showed immediate improvement. They included questions like, “Why did you want to run this course?” and “What do you think the outcome of Core Values Day will look like?” After these questions were done we split into two groups and began being reports. With each student wearing a Comet Staff Pass around their neck, they finally became journalists for the day!

After going to sessions I taught the importance of how journalism can be used to Explore, Empower, and Achieve. “Alaiana Robert, a junior who also attended the class had said, “We explored other classes and what they were going. Also, we learned their opinions on Core Values Day.” As a journalist, the students explored how to ask the right questions and what’s it is like to be in an interview. They were empowered to be apart of the press to get information many people wouldn’t know what they would be looking for. They achieved what it was like to be a reporter.

This class also taught me a new way to Explore, Empower, and Achieve as well. Being able to explore teaching skills by putting my time into creating something to teach someone else and it being a success really empowered me to know I am capable of teaching someone else skills I have. And I achieved helping others become a journalist for a day.