Spoiler Alert: Nightmares Beware of Jordan Peele’s Rise in Industry

Get Out! And see the new Jordan Peele movie Us. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It is so worth seeing it before it comes out on DVD. The atmosphere and setting of the dark, silent movie theatre fits in well with this exhilarating film. The first Friday the movie was played in all US public theatres, it made $29 million and in total that weekend $67 million. Jordan Peele set the tone with his first movie, Get Out, as that movie made $33.3 million first weekend, but Us lived up to that hype. The one standing question that is left is which Jordan Peele film is more worth it?: Get Out or Us?

Get Out is a suspenseful film that was released in 2017 written and directed by Jordan Peele. In this film the main character Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya is going with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her family and stay with them for a family function. Chris is nervous about meeting her family considering he is of a black race and her family is white. However, during his stay, he finds himself to discover the unimaginable his girlfriend and her family have hidden. While he is at their house, Chris runs into Rose’s mother and she tries to distress him and put him into hypnosis. Then he finds himself trapped inside his unconscious a.k.a. the sunken place and is overtaken by separate conscious awareness. The family tries to take her boyfriend and sell him as a slave while this overtaken conscious is forcing his body to act as a stereotypical “rich white person.” As the movie comes closer to an end Chris finds himself trying to fight this new conscious and get back to his own body. Along the way he comes across many altercations with his girlfriend’s family in his attempt to escape.

Recently in theaters, a new movie written and produced by Jordan Peele called Us, has gotten many great reviews and is rising on the charts quickly. Staring big named actors and actresses, such as Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, it drew attraction instantly. Lupita plays Adalin Wilson, mother of two and wife, who goes on a family vacation and returns to Santa Monica, California, a terrifying place to her as a child due to a past experience. In the middle of the night during the trip, four doppelgangers/clones of the Wilsons show up who look the same, but are not the same in many ways. The “tethered” wear red jumpsuits, cannot speak, and are here to take over on Earth. The Wilsons and their look alikes have a huge conflict, where it finds out that not only the Wilsons have a group of tethered, but that everyone on Earth has one. This is all apart of a government project that has now been discontinued and they have joined hands, Hands Across America. A huge plot twist occurs at the end that will blow your mind. You need to pay attention to this movie from start to finish to and it will make you go crazy.

After seeing both of these films, with tremendous actors who all put so much effort into making both of these movies outstanding and suspenseful, I have decided that I have a personal preference for the movie Get Out. Not that Us wasn’t a fantastic movie as well, I just feel as though Get Out had more of a meaning behind the story in a societal reference. The ways they brought different time eras and norms into the movie and the specific details that were written into the script. They also had the hard work the actors and actresses did to portray these roles, which made them seem so surreal. However, if you do get an opportunity I highly recommend seeing Get Out first. Let us know which film was more to your preference and if one was more worth the watch more than the other.