Paradise Alley Fights to Help the Community

An organization in town called, Paradise Alley Professional Wrestling finds a way to volunteer their time and give back to the world. The town of East Haven has always had its hardships. However, outsiders do not get to see how the community is involved and caring for one another.

Paradise Alley Professional Wrestling is a school that teaches people of all ages how to wrestle and prepare for events, such as the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Since this organization is community-driven, everyone that works for the business is a volunteer. The ow

ners and the wrestlers do it all to support charities support and for their enjoyment. The owners of this organization are former WWE wrestlers: Mario Mancini, Paul Roma, Paul Perez and Big Steve Tracey. The wrestlers are students who graduated from the program and several them are native to East Haven. Mario Mancini also expressed, “80% of WWE wrestlers come from Paradise Alley.” Not only is the program run through charity work, however every event is run for a different charity. All the proceeds go to the designated charity. For each event, one charity contacts Paradise Alley and asks to host. The most successful event that is put on is “Diesel Mania,” which is an event specifically created to support the family and loved ones of the late and loved Michael “Diesel” DeAngelo, one of the best to come out from East Haven. It started as the family creating this event to support themselves during the tough times, over the years the proceeds are used to give back to the students of EHHS in a scholarship fund.

The organization is always welcoming newcomers to get involved, whether it be through an event, wrestling or even social media. If you are interested in setting up an event, you can contact Mario Mancini or any of the owners of Paradise Alley communicate to schedule. If you are willing to put in your time and effort, it will be reciprocated. Professional wrestler, Richard Holliday had strong feelings about his career, “Wrestling, just like any other sport or performing art typically makes people feel so many different emotions. I just want to be remembered, whether it be because you love me, or you hate me. As long as the emotion is real.” Richard Holliday has been with Paradise Alley since November 2014 and has nothing but positivity and success. Paradise Alley even has a social media aspect that is run by the owners but also a volunteer named Matthew Degnan. His opening started when he realized he wanted to become a sports journalist. Already having connections with the owners he showed up to an event and expressed his interests. His works consists of showing up to events, posting pictures and videos of the events along with updates of every match.

Among many of the marvelous things Paradise Alley has to offer in a community, the audience is what makes a show. East Haven should call for large crowds at the upcoming events. All events are held at the East Haven Veterans Memorial Ice Rink. May 11th at 7pm will be a big event for the family of Nick Vessichio, hosted by the Nickstrong foundation. After that, the next upcoming charity events will be sponsoring the Autism Services & Resources Connecticut, the food pantry, and many more. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or sold at the door for $10-$20 depending on your seating.

In the summer of 2017, the Vessichio family suffered a traumatic life changing event. Son and brother, Nick Vessicchio was injured at his home by a tree accident and put into life threatening conditions. However, they did not let his indifferences hold back the unconditional love for him. Since the accident his brother Anthony Vessicchio formed a foundation called Nickstrong. The foundation has been able to fundraise a budget high enough to take care of Nick and his medical needs, along with remodeling their house to be handicap accessible. The Vessicchio family has a meaningful purpose here in East Haven. They were always ones to care and give out to others. Now it is time for East Haven to give back to this family in their times of need. I highly encourage everyone to come to the Nickstrong event held May 11th at the East Haven Ice Rink. Giving back a little bit and coming to an event that supports a fellow classmate, friend, and loving family would mean more than anything to them.