Moo Your Way to Crisafi Field

The East Haven Police Union is hosting their first ever Cow Plop Raffle Fundraiser on Saturday, June 1st at 11:00am. It is being held at Crisafi Practice Field, 67 Hudson street, East Haven. There will be two prizes awarded, 1st place wins $2,000 and 2nd place wins $1,000. The ticket price is $10, and the winner does not need to be present at the event; however, it is encouraged that they are.

A Cow Plop fundraiser is when an organization releases cows onto a field split into a grid; the organization sells tickets that have the number of a certain square of the grid, and whoever has the square the cows poop in first wins the prize. To buy tickets you can see any officer at any time or you can contact (203)489-3822. This fundraiser is for the community and anyone can attend. Their hope is to not only earn money, but also to get people to come out, meet the officers, and realize that they are members of the community too.

This event is a great way to connect and communicate with the community and the police officers. Everyone can come out, have fun, enjoy the beautiful weather, and maybe walk away with a couple thousand dollars in their pockets. Officer Nick Adams, treasury of the East Haven Police Union, hopes this will help bridge the gap between the community and the police. He commented that the event will include a Melly P’s food truck and an activity called Touch A Truck, where there will be a SWAT car, a patrol car, and a fire truck for kids to see what they are and how they operate.

This is the first year the EH Police Union is putting on this fundraiser and they hope for a positive turnout for the people. They have been promoting this fundraiser through facebook, and the officers themselves are promoting it anyway they can through their families and friends. They even have been at Dunkin’ Donuts multiple times giving people a free donut when they bought a ticket for the fundraiser. From these promotions, they have sold a little less than half of their tickets, and so far it’s a success. Officer Adams explained, “The benefits from this fundraiser will support our Police Union. Throughout the year, we support a bunch of programs including scholarships for EHHS students, sports teams in town like the biddy basketball league, and we donate to the fireworks we put on every year on the 4th of July.”

Detective Scott Carignan, President of the East Haven Police Union, says “We want to continue donating and at the same time come up with an event that can bring the community together with the police department.” Detective Carignan, Detective Jeff Vailet, and Officer Adams have been planning this event for months and have been working very hard to make it happen.

Again, if you are interested in buying a ticket or two, you can see any officer at any time or you can contact (203)489-3822. If you want more information you can go to the East Haven Police Department facebook page for more information.