Billie Eilish: Taking the World by Storm

Billie Eilish is one of the nations up-and-coming superstars, but what it it about her that makes her so entrancing to her demographic? According to her fans, her personality, her uniqueness, and her music is different than all of the other singers of the world. At the young age of only seventeen, Billie has achieved more than most people will in their entire lives. Her accomplishments include a Kids’ Choice Award and an iHeartRadio Music Award.

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell was born on December 18, 2001 in Los Angeles, California to Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell. She has one sibling named Finneas O’Connell, who helps write and produce her songs. According to Billie, her entire family is insanely musical. Her mother taught both her and her brother how to write music. Billie began to write her own music when she was 11 and shortly after, she began to write with her brother. She claims that she wrote her first song at 12 in a song writing class.

The album “WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” is one of the top albums of 2019 so far, causing Billie to reach all new heights for herself. Out of 20 EHHS students, 11 have not listened to Billie’s new album, however 9 of them had. Of all of the songs on the album, “Bad Guy” was the clear fan favorite at our school.

Jackie Forbes has been a fan of Billie Eilish since 2016 and says that her favorite songs on the album are “listen before i go” and “Bad Guy.” Jackie says that some of the reasons why she has become to infatuated with Billie are that her music is relatable, she likes her personality, and she’s beautiful. Jackie said, “Billie stands out from all of the other artists of our generation. She has a different tone to her music and she seems to be more authentic than most of the other celebrities at the top of the chart. I just appreciate the work that she puts in for fans.” She went on to say that Billie is realistic in the way that she expresses the way she feels; Billie does not put on an act.

Billie’s debut album was released on March 29th, 2019. Jackie claims that there is not one song on the album that she doesn’t like, however, I have different takes on that opinion.

"Bad Guy"

One of my favorite songs on the album, I believe “Bad Guy” encaptures what is popular for artists to preach: rebellion. Recently, there haven’t been too many artists outside of the creative musical box in this way, but Billie changed that. When she says things like:

“So you're a tough guy Like-it-really-rough guy Just-can't-get-enough guy Chest-always-so-puffed guy I'm that bad type Make-your-mama-sad type Make-your-girlfriend-mad type Might-seduce-your-dad type I'm the bad guy, duh,” it displays her act towards teen rebellion. The cookie-cutter pop-stars could never think in the way that Billie does, which definitely sets her apart from her peers. The instrumental is catchy in the chorus and just makes the song feel whole, despite the fact that the verses have an eerie, monotonous tone to them.


“xanny” starts off with an a capella Billie addressing her confusion with the fact that so many of her peers use drugs. She doesn’t understand why so many people are so infatuated by smoking, pills, etc. Both of the verses contain content that has to do with Billie’s confusion, however, the chorus is where Billie’s artistic and creative visions shine through. She sings:

“I’m in their second-hand smoke

Still just drinking canned Coke

I don’t need a xanny to feel better

On designated drives home

Only one who’s not stoned

Don’t give me a xanny now or ever,” which once again just shows that Billie is an outsider in the ways of drugs, but it is the way that the audio is distorted and manipulated that makes it a very interesting song to listen to. In an interview with YouTube Music, Billie explains that the song was inspired by a night out with her friends. They all got drunk, except for her, and she was “watching [her] friends become completely not who they were [and] watching their personalities crumple up and fall.” The distortion of her vocals in the chorus is represented by a girl who had two cigarettes in her hands and blew the cigarette smoke in her face. Billie wanted the chorus to sound like what it feels like to be in second-hand smoke, which is a very different and interesting way to look at a song, which is definitely what the song sounds like. The strange distortion and different sound that the chorus has displays the exact sound that Billie wants to show.

This song is a very important one on the album because it contains a strong message: you don’t need drugs to be cool or successful. Billie is one of the most popular singers nowadays, and she didn’t get there by singing about drugs, sex, or any of the other negative things that other singers preach on a daily basis. Most of Billie’s fans are also impressionable teenagers, so I believe that this song is also doing a service to today’s youth.

"you should see me in a crown"

“you should see me in a crown” is one of the most popular songs on the album, however, it is one of my least favorites. I don’t like way way that the verses and the chorus blends together and I don’t think the beats are up to Billie’s standards. However, I believe that over everything else, Billie Eilish sings about matters that are important to her. “you should see me in a crown” is an example of that because she discusses women rising about the desires of the men in their lives. She says some pretty descriptive phrases about things that she could do if she needed to. One of these phrases include:

“Count my cards, watch them fall Blood on a marble wall I like the way that you’ll Scream,” meaning that she isn’t intimidated by anyone that tries to scare her. She wants to turn the table and scare whoever is trying to get something out of her. Furthermore, she states thats he knows her worth, so she isn’t phased by trivial compliments that male suitors might give her. She says:

“You say, ‘Come over baby,’ ‘I think you’re pretty’ I’m okay I’m not your baby If you think I’m pretty, You should see me in a crown I’m gonna run this nothin town.” The song overall has a very powerful vibe, which is important for a young female artist to preach. The title and the line “I’m gonna run this nothin town” say it all; a young woman can take over the music industry and rule the world.

"all the good girls go to hell" “all the good girls go to hell” is not a very popular song on the album, but again, it discusses both female empowerment and rebellion. Although, again, it is one of my least favorite song on the album, it still has a powerful and important message. As seen in “xanny” the song starts with distorted vocals, which has become one of Billie’s trademarks. In the chorus, she says:

“All the good girls go to hell

‘Cause even God herself

Has enemies

And once the water starts to rise

And heaven’s out of sight

She’ll want the devil on her team.” This song in particular has Ariana Grande vibes in the sense that they both have songs in which they refer to God as a woman, rather than a man. Both Ariana and Billie are two of the most influential women in the world at the moment. This fame and popularity has come from deviating from the man-oriented world and preaching about the power that women have instead.

"wish you were gay" “wish you were gay” is the most controversial song on the album, but it is one of my favorites. It was controversial upon release because of the fact that Billie tells the person that the song is dedicated to that she wished they were gay. When the song was released, people began to speculate Billie’s sexuality because it sounded as if she was telling a straight girl that she wishes that she was gay so that she would have a chance. However, this is not the case. Billie is interested in men. People believed that Billie was using the struggles of gay people to her advantage by putting it in the song title; they thought she was exploiting their hardships. But the true meaning of the song is that she is trying to find justification as to why the feeling isn’t mutual between her and whoever she is interested in. In the chorus, she says

“I just wanna make you feel okay

But all you do is look the other way

I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t wanna stay

I just kinda wish you were gay.” The song itself, although it has a depressing meaning, has a light and cheery melody. The meaning of it is upsetting because it revolves around a young teenage girl trying to come to terms with the fact that someone just doesn’t like her for who she is. Despite that, the song is light and can easily be one to brighten someone’s day, which is a very interesting way to look at a song.

In conclusion, Billie Eilish is definitely an artist to follow, watch, and look up to. Whether you like her music, don’t like her music, or never heard of her, the success that she has obtained in just seventeen years of life is undeniable. “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO” has been in the Billboard No. 1 spot, she has played a sold out tour and plans to do just the same in years to come, and has won numerous awards that even people that have been in the industry for decades will never even come close to getting. Overall, Billie’s influence doesn’t look like it is coming to an end any time soon; her talent, passion, and influence is one of the most powerful in the world at the moment.