Cours de français L'année prochaine a EHHS (French Class next year at EHHS)

Interested in learning a language that is not Spanish or Italian? Here’s your chance: Mr. DeNuzzo decided to add a french class to the curriculum next year!

The last time EHHS had a language other than spanish and italian was 2005; therefore, the language department is offering a french class this year because there has not been one in about 19 years. The classes that were being taught 19 years ago were Latin, French, Italian, Spanish. Wanting to become more inclusive again, adding french to the curriculum will provide students with three options of languages to learn: spanish, french, and italian. The goal for students to take a language is to broaden in their perspective about diverse people and different cultures; it also is good for college.

In previous years the French class was successful, but due to the teacher retiring, the class had to stop, according to Mrs Marsico who currently teaches spanish. Next year they will be piloting the french one class to see if it will be successful. As of right now the class has 32 kids signed up to take it; since the school only wants one period of french to run during the pilot, they will have to work something out to give as many students the opportunity to take it. “The goal for the French class is to give kids a broad perspective and a broad knowledge of the french culture. We will base the french class just like any other Italian one class or Spanish I class,” Marsico said.

Junior Shane Hanson is aware of the French class being presented to the curriculum next year and is looking forward to taking it. He currently is taking Sspanish II and thinks that Spanish III will be too challenging for him Shane, who has heard positive reviews about taking French, shared, “I am hoping to learn basic french words to increase my cosmopolitan views of the world.”

So far it seems as though the French class will be very popular and a lot of students will be interested in taking it. Hopefully if the pilot goes well, the administration will add more French classes and run french multiple periods in the future. If you’re interested in taking the french class for next year, go see Mrs. Marsico or Mr. DeNuzzo with any questions.