EHHS Football Team Working Hard This Offseason

The EHHS Football team has been preparing for their upcoming season with their offseason conditionings. However, a new program has changed the way they run them. This new program will help them be ready for their upcoming season in September.

The new way of conditioning is something new for the team, as this is the first year that they have a trainer. The new trainer, Francis Belevich, has introduced a new way of working out that has been very different for the boys. However, it has and will continue to help them be in the best shape that they can be.

The team, led by new captains Tanner DiVito and Jake Marquardt along with their fellow upperclassmen, condition every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That many workouts may seem brutal, but that much work is another part of the new conditioning. “Coach Belevich makes us work harder than we ever have before,” said Tanner.

For some of the players, they have noticed certain things that they have improved thanks to conditioning. For example, Jake said “I have noticed my stamina while running has greatly improved, and my form and technique is much more defined.” Fellow soon to be senior Ethan Kowalczik has also seen vast improvements in himself, saying “I’ve gotten faster, stronger, and more of a leader’s type of mentality.” All of these attributes will be key once the season comes with football being a physically and mentally demanding sport. Tanner emphasized the need to be physically in shape, as he said “To play football you need to be strong and in shape. You can't be one or the other. You have to last 4 quarters, and some guys are playing on both sides of the ball and need to in shape to last those four quarters.” This is why conditioning is very important to the players. They all want to get better for the season, and with all of the hard work the boys have been putting in this offseason, they will get better. Head coach Scott Benoit has also seen positive changes in his players, saying “our size and strength has increased over a short period of time.” With months still left until the first game, there is still tons of more time for the players to get in even better shape than they are right now.

Not only has conditioning influenced players to get in their workouts every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but it has also gotten the players to put in even more work during their free time. A majority of the players that participate in the conditionings now find themselves working out in their free time as well. This allows for the team to get even stronger, faster, and more ready for the season. “Just going to conditioning is not enough. You have to put in the time after than and lift your brains out. I bet half of the players lift more than just the three days a week and you can tell the difference between them versus someone who only does it three times a week,” said Tanner. Ethan also has had a similar experience, saying that this new program intrigues him a lot more than it did last year, and has even impacted him to start paying more attention to his fitness and strength.

Conditioning, as much as it might seem to be focused on individual growth, has helped bring the team closer together. During conditioning, whether it be lifting or running, allows for the boys to be close together during the long offseason. “Conditioning allows the team to get closer because it allows us to bond more ad learn more about each other. Conditioning is like team bonding and it allows us to see the specific strengths that a player might have,” said Jake. Fellow captain Tanner also mentioned the bonding that occurs during football conditioning. “Conditioning brings the team together because we all push each other to make gains and get better, and this brings a sense of comfort being around each other. When a team is comfortable to be around one another they are able to communicate better and play better,” he said. This teamwork will help the boys be the best team possible as well as make the season more enjoyable with each other.