EHHS Catches a “Big Fish”

The EHHS Drama Club is producing the show titled, “Big Fish,” which is about a man who wants his son to fulfill all of the fantasies that he was told by his father during childhood. Throughout the musical, the son is desperately trying to find out who his father really was through these intense and over exaggerated fables. The show is set to premiere on the weekend of May 10th in the EHHS auditorium.

The show itself is based on a Tim Burton movie from 2003. The movie was based on a novel by Daniel Wallace from 1998. The list of main named characters include: Edward Bloom, Will Bloom, The Witch, Sandra Bloom, Karl the Giant, Josephine Bloom, Amos Calloway, and Don & Zacky Price.

Radoslaw Wisniewski, a first year member who was in pit band for the last two years is playing Karl the Giant. He said, “I feel like if there was anyone that would fit me at any point, it would be him, so I’m happy… I feel kind of nervous. I’m not saying that I can’t do it, [but] I do like my part. I like him as a character.”

Dan Schmidt, the director of the play, has been involved in theater for many years now. Schmidt claims that the biggest inspiration for him throughout his career has been Mrs. Gardner, as she was his high school director. He loved being involved in the club and looked up to her because of her dedication to inspiring her students. Because of Mrs. Gardner’s teachings, Schmidt wants to encourage his students not only to be better actors, singers, and/or dancers, but he also wants them to think outside the box in different aspects of life. He wants his students to learn how to broaden their horizons and learn how to unite others because of a common goal.

EHHS has brought a new perspective to Schmidt because of his students. His students inspire him just as much as he inspires them. He said, “The kids are like no other kids I’ve ever worked with. This is such an eclectic group of students. They each bring something wildly different to the group, each one of them has a kind heart, they’re each devoted, and they each make an impact on my life.” Schmidt says that he wouldn’t rather be at any other school. In comparison to other schools that he’s worked with, the kids in drama club aren’t there because they believe that they are entitled; they are there because they want to make a memory.

Calib Barbera, an EHHS senior, is the drama club president this year. His role as the president is to keep his fellow Drama Club members in check and relay messages for and to the director. However, Calib is also playing Edward Bloom, whom is the father in the show. Calib says that throughout the show, the tone is very light, even when there are dark undertones. This show would be enjoyable for all ages.

Dan Schmidt has faith that “Big Fish” will be one of the best shows that he has ever put on. He is taking aspects of his favorite shows of the last five years and he is incorporating those styles and techniques to make it so that the play this year is extraordinary. Schmidt is going to step outside the frame of the show in order to make sure that the viewers of the play are the happiest and the most satisfied that they can be, and then he plans on stepping onto the stage to make sure that his cast members are the happiest and most satisfied that they can be, as well.