Co-ed Golf Team Looking For Big Things This Year

The co-ed golf team, coached by Coach Dave Augustine, is looking for big things this year as his student athletes try to strive for success. They have lost a lot of talent from last season including, Mike Astorino, Mike Moscato, and Mani Finoia. Some returning players are going to have to step it up, Logan Hamilton a Junior, Johnny Moscato a senior, and Andrew Zito a sophomore. Some impact newcomers are freshman Nick Sorrentino and senior Nick Giglietti. They are ready for this season and Coach Augustine is very excited and can't wait until he sees all of his player playing and getting the job done for this season.

Coach Augustine has been a coach at the EHHS for 42 years. He taught english before he started coaching. Coach Augustine said, I wanna win as many games as possible this season and have some of the new golfers that are still learning become better and more skilled. He was a division 2 NCAA player in college and is looking to transfer his skills to the younger students who are playing golf. He said, “the golf team became a co ed team because there was no girls on the team and I think girls should be able to participate in the boys programs.” There are 4 girls on the team right now.

Lexi Pendziwater, one of the girls on the golf team, said she has a lot of goals this season for her junior year at EHHS, “One goal we have as a team is to get a winning streak going for this year also get better scores so she can help her team win more games.” Lexi is one of the only few girls on the team and it makes her very happy because before the girls came it was all about the boys. She says, “The boys treat us with respect and like we are one of them.” She loves being on the team with the boys because they are great competition, great teammates, and they help her when she needs it. Captain Logan Hamilton is also ready for this season as he comes into it as a junior. Logan says, “My overall goal for the team is to place high in our division and maybe win a state championship because with coach Augustine thinking about retiring after this season there wouldn't be a better time to get one.” Logan also is very happy with the girls on the team this season he says, “It's nice to have the girls on the team because its a mix of players and we all get along very well.” The EHHS golf team is ready for this season and are looking to make a good run for the seniors and for coach Augustine.