Van Nastri: The Athletic Department’s Helpful Hand

Van Nastri has been here at EHHS for 32 years, Van began to work in EHHS because she went here for high school and wanted to be back in her hometown. but a lot of people underestimate her job. Van Nastri is the administrative assistant to the athletic director. Van does a lot, but not just for the athletic department, she does a lot of things for the athletes as well. Van has to check eligibility to see if their grades are good enough to play. She currently manages l around 500 student athletes. Van’s favorite part about being here at EHHS is being in her hometown and watching a lot of great sports teams here at EHHS. Van loves to watch basketball because she love to watch it and loves to be around the athletes.

According to Mr. Verderame, the athletic director, without Van there would no be athletic department. “Van works really well with the students. She pulls up the students grades and see if they are eligible to still be on the team that the athlete plays for and if any of the students are having a bad day they come and talk to Van,” said Verderame. Being in the same position for 32 years, you don’t want to change much. Verderame also said, “Because Van has been here for 32 years, nothing has changed she does the same daily routine and it’s great for the athletic department.” Verderame is very thankful for Van she does a lot of work for him and takes a lot of pressure off of his shoulders.

Bobbi Severino, a sophomore on the Pom Pom team, has known Van for 3 years now. Bobbi said, “Without Van, athletics would not run as smoothly because she does such a great job.” Van loves being part of the East Haven community and working with co-workers Jason Pierce, Marc Aceto, and Mr. Verderame. She has had a lot of fun in the 32 years that she has been here for and is hoping to continue to have this much fun doing the job she loves!