EHHS At Its Core

No classes on May 20th! But we will still have to come to school that day. That's right it’s Core Values Day, a day full of a variety of fun activities and no classes! This day was planned by the Student Improvement Team which consists of faculty members and class officers to focus on our core values “Explore, Empower, and Achieve.”

Core Values Day is a day where students and faculty partake in activities together that focus around our core values, Explore, Empower, and Achieve. Students will be able to build stronger relationships with their teachers, find a classmate with a common interest, or learn something new about themselves. Mr. DeNuzzo hopes that Core Values Day will be, “A meaningful day of different types of learning. The goal is not for them to perform on a math test, that's one type of learning. This type of learning is for students to learn a little bit more about what we want to be as a school community.”

Students will be able to sign up for activities they are interested in, such as a yoga class, an athletic activity, cooking classes, panel discussions, and much more. A guest speaker will also be coming in to talk to the freshmen and sophomores, then the juniors and seniors. To wrap up the day there will be a whole school activity to bring the school community together. To set the stage for the day students will begin their day in advisory discussing our core values, and why we're having a core values day. In the morning every student will be able to pick two activity sessions that they wish to go to, followed by the guest speaker in the afternoon, then after lunch the whole student body will reconvene.

The goal for the day as Mr. DeNuzzo said is “I want it to be a day where they can reflect on it and say it was a fun day.” Hopefully, students will learn something new or interesting that does not revolve around their academic work and be able to build a relationship with their teachers and staff.