DiVito Twins Locker Room Renovation

In EHHS there are many sports teams and most have their own designated locker rooms. The Wrestling team, is coached by Mr. Lou Revillini and Mr. Mark Tolla, has a locker room that has lately been going through a renovation phase during their offseason. The renovation has been completed by juniors, Tanner and Alec DiVito for their Capstone project. Alec and Tanner are both long-time members of the wrestling team, with Alec wrestling for 6 years and Tanner wrestling for 8 years.

The wrestling teams locker room is undergoing a renovation for a series of reasons Tanner explained, “We got rid of the shelving that was there it was awful, it was just three sheets of plywood that wasn't secured at all so we took all that down and replaced it with cubbies for everyone to put their stuff in.” Also the DiVito brothers painted and are adding some team motivating items to make it it feel unique for the wrestling team. Along with the renovating of the wrestling locker room funding was needed and many were ready to help. Tanner said, “We got the paint from country paint hardware in North Branford they gave us 4 gallons of Navy blue paint and we got the wood from K&L Property Services. Also Robert Limoncelli gave us a 150$ gift card to Home Depot so we can get white boards to put everyone's name that placed in the SCC tournament and the Class M tournament.”

The DiVito brothers originally had semi different plans, but overall they fixed and improved the locker room. Alec said, “Originally we wanted to make actual lockers where there would be a hinge with a door that you could lock, we wanted to paint the entire room, and make it look like a college sports locker room.” As the DiVito brothers had some original ideas so did Mr. Tolla. Mr. Tolla said, “I mentioned id like to see all our SCC place winners names in one section of the wall and our class M state winners on the wall and one other area I'd like to recognize is all the seniors that have come through our program.”

When the DiVito brothers noticed some problems with the wrestling team locker room they figured they can help fix them and that is exactly what they did. Alec said, “Everyone needed somewhere to put their stuff and the shelfs that used to be in there were flimsy, small and there was really nowhere to put your stuff.” After most of the problems were solved Alec said, “We are going to put a lot more time into it so we can fine tune everything.” Also in regards to the DiVitos work in the locker room Mr. Tolla said, “I'm excited because it's gonna be finally somewhere nice for the kids to spend their time at the end of practice and between practice in there.”

Mr. Tolla concluded with that he has full confidence in Tanner and Alec taking on the project of renovating the wrestling locker room, “Alec and Tanner are tremendous young men, not only are they fantastic athletes they are terrific students and they have an amazing work ethic they don't miss practice they are the cornerstone of our program it's no coincidence that our programs gotten a lot better as they've gotten into it.”