A Title Worth Striving For: 2019 SCC Scholars

Being a scholar at EHHS has the potential to open the doors for students as they move on from high school. Excelling above peers and getting recognition that is so rightfully deserved is something that a lot of students might dream of. Not only does this make the students more eligible for scholarships, but they also get an award. The title “Southern Connecticut Conference Scholar Leader” is one of prestige and honor. If one were to receive a reward like this, they would be unparalleled academically to their classmates.

Talia Ferraro and Jose Rodriguez are the 2019 SCC Scholars. Their academic achievements have set the standards for the scholars of the years to come. Their awards were given at the SCC banquet, which took place on March 25, 2019 at Anthony’s in New Haven. Allegedly, the banquet was very special for the winners and their families. The night went over very well and the staff was honored to offer EHHS students with their awards.

Jose Rodriguez is a JMMS alumni, who went to Tuttle and Momauguin for his elementary school years. He is set to go to UConn for college and he looks forward to his life after EHHS. Through his high school career, Jose has learned that it is necessary to challenge himself, and says that he dedicates his successes to the fact that he has never failed to push himself further than he would naturally be. Receiving the SCC scholar award has motivated Jose to do even better than he has throughout his school years.

Jose has been in lots of clubs thoughout his high school career. These clubs include: Amnesty, Debate Club, Art Club, Yearbook Club, Marching Band, Winter Guard, and HOSA. His dedication to the spirit and pride of EHHS is also what Jose says helped him in standing out for an award such as this one. Through his job as a CNA, Jose has learned that life is all about risks. He states, “I can push myself. I’m not afraid to dive into potentially awkward situations. Since becoming a CNA, I’ve come to realize that I can go farther than I ever thought I could, and that’s very important to me. It will keep being important to me way past high school, as well.” He is very grateful of the fact that he has always tried his very best at EHHS and he is very thankful to have received this award.

Talia Ferraro graduated from the East Haven Academy and she went to Deer Run for the beginning of elementary school. As of now, she is in SADD, Prom Committee, Yearbook, and she is the Vice President of the National Honor Society. She recalls the most meaningful experience in her high school career to be pre-calculus last year. She said, “I've had a pretty easy time in math classes all of my academic career, it was always my strongest class. But last year I was put in my place when I took pre-calc and struggled through the entire thing. It was a wakeup call that I can't always cruise through and that I needed to really put in the extra time with homework, studying, and staying after school. So from this class, I think it definitely improved my work ethic. It made me realize that things get harder but as long as I put in the effort, I can get through it.”

Her involvement in school is what Talia believes to have made her stick out for certain awards and recognitions for school. She takes full responsibility for everything that she takes up in school and depends on herself to get everything done. Talia is always looking to help others whenever she can and she goes out of her way to make sure that all is as it should be. In receiving this award, Talia has realized that all of her hard work has not gone unnoticed and she claims that it felt great to be recognized among all of her well-deserving peers. From being at the banquet and listening to fellow EHHS students’ accomplishments and successes, she realized that there was a reason for her recognition. It was clear that all of her dedication and hard work was worth it.

The SCC Scholar Program has opened the door for Talia Ferraro and Jose Rodriguez, giving them the opportunity to reach new heights in life. The SCC has been around since our principal, Mr. DeNuzzo has worked at EHHS, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Through the SCC, future EHHS students and students from 23 other high schools in the southern part of Connecticut will also learn that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. These students will, too, learn that they are well-deserving of recognition and that they earned the accomplishments that they have reached.