Kevin Pettis Makes History for EHHS

Kevin Pettis, an East Haven Unified Sports team member, won the SCC Scholar Athlete award, making him the first member of the Unified Sports team to receive this honor. He received the award for his four, hard-working years on the Unified Sports team.

Kevin describes the moment of receiving the SCC award as, “It makes me feel proud. I got it because I played the sports I wanted to play and I did really good.”

After four years of playing unified sports, he grew a fond of basketball. Kevin describes it as his favorite game to play during unified.

The EHHS unified team gets to take field trips and visit other schools to have games with other unified sports teams, Kevin enjoys taking the bus to the other schools. He said, “I look out the windows. I love to look at trees other cars.”

When it comes to Kevin’s coaches, Jacob Hackett and Chris Bugyi, Kevin views them as “[His‘my biggest supports.”’. Kevins says, “They helped me [be] pretty good at playing sports.” Coaches Hackett and Bugyi were described as “fun.” Kevin said their coaches prepare the players and practice for every game unified has coming up.

Jacob Hackett started coaching unified sports this year and met Kevin when he started working at EHHS. Hackett love the platform of unified sports. He said, “It creates an environment for special needs athletes to get to compete in sports and with that to get compete in sports alongside regular Education athletes. Which allows for a platform to learn all the life lessons that come with sports; the value of hard work, being part of a team, being a good teammate and sportsmanship.”

Unified sports has an upcoming game at Branford High School playing floor hockey. Kevin is “VERY EXCITED!” to play against Branford this week.

Kevin has made an impact not only on EHHS but also on Coach Hackett “Kevin has impacted me in many ways the biggest is that no matter what kind of day I’m having Kevin makes it better. He’s is the most positive person I know always has a smile on his face” Hackett said. Jacob Hackett had many positive things to say about unified sports and the benefits. He really enjoys working with Kevin, he described him as “ray of sunshine” and noted that “Kevin brightens the day of every person he comes into contact with on a daily basis. Kevin raises the spirits of the everyone at EHHS.” Jacob Hackett and the rest of EHHS would like to congratulate Kevin Pettis for the tremendous hard work and success to be giving this award!