The EHHS Softball Team’s New Season

The EHHS girls softball team’s new season started on March 13th, 2019. The team has won a state championship title and has also won six division titles in the past, so they have to practice hard to accomplish even more goals and titles. The team started conditioning on October 1st for three nights a week, where they do core work and agility drills, such as weightlifting and running so that they are physically ready for the new season. They also get the chance to grow their team bond during this time too.

Coach Ed Crisafi, who has been coaching for 26 years since 1994 says that they started conditioning in 2013 with a past group of students, and because of the success it lead to they still continue it to this day. During conditioning, the girls gather to improve on their teamwork. One way Crisafi accomplishes this is by pairing up girls with other players they aren’t as close with to develop a relationship with each and every player. “It gets them to become close knit early on. And there’s a 75 to 100 % turn out, which shows the girls are dedicated,” Crisafi says.

Another way the team spends time together is by preparing at The Diamond Zone on Sunday nights. The Diamond Zone is a softball/baseball facility where only the best instructors, mentors, and specialists are employed to help people with hitting, defense, pitching, and catching. The EHHS Softball team focuses mostly on their batting techniques to ensure they are warmed up for the upcoming season. Senior captain Jenna Esposito said, “All these things [conditioning and The Diamond Zone] have really given everyone the opportunity to bond before the season starts which is really helpful and nice.”

Jenna continues to say how these types of things help her bond with her team and says, “By far, my favorite thing is my teammates. Playing a sport entails a crazy amount of time together. So, you tend to bond a lot. As a team, you go through both the good and the bad times together so you really get to know each other.”

Jenna’s position is senior captain, along with her fellow captains Taylor Myers and Megan Roberts. Jenna says that being captain is really important to her because of her love for softball and helping her teammates. Jenna states that, “Being captain sounds like a lot of responsibility, but it’s really not when you love the game so much.” She further says that she sees it as her own little family, and she thinks that as long as you keep everyone happy and encouraged, the team will thrive on the field together. Jenna says that she keeps the team the best they by either, “giving a piece of advice to a single person on how to field a ground ball more effectively or giving a speech picking up a team to rally during a loss.” She wants her team to work well and effectively together.

Erica Colacino, a senior and an outfielder for the team, speaks about the support she has from her captains, “They motivate us to go to practices and conditioning. They want the team to bond like a family.” Erica has played softball for about 12 years now, so she knows what helps her feel the most motivated and successful, which is the constant practice and excellent support provided through her captains and her coach.

Erica has improved many of her skills thanks to her team, which is her batting techniques and sense of teamwork. Erica says, “I think Crisafi is a great motivation for us. He puts on a great program and makes the girls want to play.” Crisafi has always tried his hardest to make his team the best they can be, and mentions how because he used to teach at the middle school while coaching, he was able to form a good rapport with his players early on.

The team’s next game is on April 8th at EHHS. Crisafi says, “Come out and support us, and see our close-knit family that can play some good softball.”

This is a website that shows all their upcoming games: EHHS Softball Games