Ms. Williams Having Success In Early Years At EHHS

Ms. Erika Williams has been a math teacher at EHHS for two years now. She is in her second year now and she is absolutely loving it. She teaches geometry and algebra. She said, “It is a lot of fun I am learning a lot about myself and learning how to interact with students at the highschool level.” She was not expecting all of the extra things that came along with teaching such as, time management, or controlling the environment as a whole. She was not a teacher anywhere else besides here at EHHS but she did her student teaching at North Haven High School and was a long term PE sub at Stratford.Ms. Bauer, the head of the mathematics department, was the one who hired Ms. Williams to teach at EHHS. She mentioned, “The reason I hired Ms. Williams was because she always offered to help out when she had nothing else to do as an intern. The kids loved her and she was very good at math.” Although Ms. WIlliams has only been here for two years, she has done so much and helped so much in our community as a whole already. Ms. Bauer said, “She always helps when teachers are absent, she is now taking up the role of being the class advisor, and she also coached our schools powder puff team so she's not just doing math related things, she’s doing the extra curricular things as well.”

Students here at EHHS absolutely love her as a teacher. Ryan Sheldon, a freshman here at EHHS, said, “She is one of my favorite teachers at the highschool. I feel like I have a really close bond with her and if I need any help I know I can go to her and talk to her.” Students from last year also say she is a great teacher and an amazing person such as, Andrew Zito a sophomore at EHHS. He said, “Ms. Williams was a great teacher. I was not so good at math at all and last year she helped me become more skilled in math.” She is becoming a great asset to the EHHS community and we are really excited to keep seeing her improve over the years. She is going to keep striving to be the best possible teacher she can be through the rest of her years teaching at EHHS.