Insight into EHHS’ Tech Education

In EHHS, there are many programs that are often overlooked. Some of these programs are the technology education classes located in the basement of EHHS, which are taught by Mr. Iavarone. Mr. Iavarone teaches Automotive, Wood, and CNC Technology.

Mr. Iavarone has been teaching for most of his life at multiple schools across Connecticut. Mr. Iavarone has always had an interest in Industrial Arts. “I wanted to be a Industrial Arts Tech Ed teacher all the way back when I was in high school,” said Iavarone. His classes offer students different learning experiences. This then allows Mr. Iavarone to incorporate his influence on more hands-on projects. Matt Lisko, a student of Mr. Iavarone, said, “He has a unique style of teaching; therefore, it's kind of fun.”

Mr. Iavarone is interested in the success of his students. His classes also revolve around his students and their learning levels. This then allows students to work at different speeds and still succeed. Mr. Iavarone said, “I enjoy primarily working with high school kids and hopefully getting them on a career path that they'll be productive members for society.” In result of the students learning new careers, it allows more opportunities to take place if they proceed to want to learn in certain careers.

The classes are designed not just to learn a new career but to also enjoy learning as well. Mr. Iavarone said, “I want them to enjoy going to school every day. That’s why I’m here as often as I am. I generally never leave my classroom unless I have to. I stay later after school and just want them to feel comfortable and enjoy the fact that they're here.”

Currently, Mr. Iavarone has multiple projects in the works. For example, he has been working on Matt Lisko’s capstone project. Matt Lisko said, “I am currently taking independent study where I am constructing a podium.” These projects allow people to input, “some of the creative aspects and hands on learning,” said Matt Lisko. This allows more learning experiences and for the overall aspect of the class to develop overtime. Although Mr. Iavarone’s classes are often overlooked, his classes provide a unique hands on experience for students. If you are interested in taking one of his classes in the future, feel free to ask him any questions or talk to your guidance counselor about signing up!