Yearbook Club Keeps the Pages Turning!

All photos credits to the Yearbook Club

The EHHS Yearbook Club, advised by Mrs. Lisa Gardner and Mrs. Lindsay Wright, meets every Monday after school to put together the yearbook. The Yearbook Club starts during first three weeks of school the year and has already finalized the yearbook for the year.

Each Monday, the team meets and brainstorms what they want to include in the yearbook. In this discussion in the beginning of the year, they decided the theme of 2018-2019 yearbook. The theme for the yearbook this year is, “where the future begins.” The club came up with their theme by thinking of what represents the graduating class of 2019. The purpose of the yearbook theme is to demonstrate what this class wants their legacy to be. They implement their theme of the year book into the cover, write-ups, and special features.

The club creates the yearbook by using Josten’s program called Yearbook Avenue. They work with their Jostens representative, Ericka Metevier, to check out new features and items they could implement in the yearbook. When creating the yearbook, the students pick and choose the fonts for each section and the color combination for each section. Generally, this takes place during the month of September. In October, the students start picking the pictures for the fall sports, and clubs, while also choosing who is getting interviewed for the yearbook.

Taylor Myers, a senior in the Yearbook Club, talked about the process and her experiences when creating the yearbook. “It's fun. You get to look at all the pictures before everyone else and make a giant book out of it,” said Taylor. Taylor works closely with her advisors and fellow members. Another member Megan Roberts, who is also a senior, mentioned, “I learned to communicate with the other members in order to pick themes and layouts, which will help in the future when I have to work in different types of group settings.” Megan highly recommends joining the yearbook staff if you want to have a say in how your class will be represented in the yearbook.

Mrs. Wright has been an advisor for the Yearbook Club since 2005, and Mrs. Gardner joined her in 2011. Mrs. Wright said, “I love creating something that will be around for people to look at for decades to come--must be the history teacher in me. I love working with the students and seeing the pride when we create a finished book and hearing the students talk about what they really liked about the book when it's distributed.” Mrs. Wright and the other Yearbook Club members are very dedicated to creating a nice yearbook for everyone to enjoy. The Yearbook Club is always looking for new members to join next year!

There are a limited amount of yearbooks left for sale. If you are interested in buying a yearbook for $80, or have any questions see Mrs. Wright in room W103.