E-sports on the Rise!

Due to student demand, the EHHS e-sports club is back! Meetings are held in Mr. Adam Gardner’s room W118 after school Mondays and Thursdays. In the middle of the 2018 school year, students filed into Principal DeNuzzo’s office mentioning the idea of an e-sports club. DeNuzzo then relayed the message to Mr. Gardner to see if he would be interested, now here they are.

E-sports is organized competitive gaming, where competitors from different teams battle each other in popular video games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Madden NFL. Fans watch these games by attending life or by tuning in online through streaming services.

This club, with 10 or so members, hopes to play video games competitively against other high schools. This club strives to be inclusive to everyone, so students who would not typically get involved in athletics have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and to compete. Students can improve their leadership skills by holding a position within the club such as historian, secretary, team manager, technical assistance, or be part of the council whose job is to mediate within the group. Currently, the club is working to become a team by operating together and communicating effectively. They are building up their skill set by playing video games, board games, and having successive discussions. At this time, the club is not able to compete in competitions due to low resources, but they are hopeful to compete in the fall of 2019.

The team is taking big steps towards competing with other high schools to ultimately win the title for Connecticut. Members will be able to display their abilities and proudness in competitions. As Mr. Gardner says “I think it's getting better recognition and better understanding for how video games can be a sport... We not only have to work on skills and compete we also have a community to change those social norms and get them to understand we're not just goofing around and not doing homework. Were there to support one another and to support as a group.” They want to show they aren’t just goofing around after school but they are achieving valuable life and work skills, especially now that e-sports is on the rise.

E-sports has become a booming industry with new job opportunities popping up every day. Besides becoming a professional player, e-sports teaches students valuable life skills to works jobs such as communication, coordination, management, production, and programming. One of our own, a former Yellowjacket, Kyle Storer or “Tormentor” is making his mark on e-sports. Featured in Fox 61 report, Kyle and two of his gaming friends “are the reigning World Champions of the fast-paced, high-flying rocket car soccer game known as ‘Rocket League’.[...] Storer, 18, won the world title in 2018, and pocketed $75,000 for his effort (including another $5,000 for earning the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award).” Freshmen member Gabriel Piscitelli says “I love the club, it incorporates school and video games, so I enjoy it.”

Students are excited the e-sports club is back and are ready to show off their new skills! Are you also interested in e-sports, it’s not too late to join. Contact Mr. Gardner in his classroom W118.