Meet Mrs. Choi: EHHS Newest Arts and Digital Media Teacher

Mrs. Tiffany Choi, the digital media teacher at EHHS is one of the newest members of our school faculty. Before EHHS, Mrs. Choi worked at a footwear company designing shoes in 2004. However, she wanted to try something else that was still in the arts field: teaching. She studied fashion, accessories, and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and spent two years at a prep school in Colombia.

Hired in August of 2017, Mrs. Choi has already won the hearts of many of our students. Gary Milone, a senior, describes her as someone who is, “Always trying to make everybody smile, very kind, and always tries to make people feel happier and feel welcomed.” Students like senior Kara Ludington say that unlike some teachers, “she is always willing to help.” Mrs. Choi teaches some of the digital media classes like photography, 3D modeling, and animation. She has also started teaching an intro to fashion class that so far is very successful. “I started teaching intro to fashion class this year and it’s been pretty great so far. For the fashion class, we actually entered a competition for vans and we are one of the 500 schools to be selected for it,” Mrs. Choi mentioned. In only her second year, Mrs. Choi has already started a new class and expanded East Haven’s knowledge on art. Her passion of letting students know about artist and museums in our neighborhood has helped expose EHHS students to something the have not really been exposed to.

It is no doubt that Mrs. Choi is one of EHHS new remarkable staff members. Overall, she is a teacher that everyone agrees puts a smile on their face.