Beyond the Pom Poms: EHHS Pom Pom Team’s Competition Season

The claps and cheers of the crowd encompass the room as the EHHS Pom Pom team takes the floor at each of their competitions. Unnoticed by many who only see them cheering at hockey and football games, the Pom Pom girls spent the majority of the year preparing their competition routine. Here’s how the season turned out:

This year the Pom Pom team competed in four competitions: Quinnipiac, Fairfield Ward, Dancing in the Woods, and States. Head coach Megan Butler, who has been coaching Pom Poms for five years, shared, “Placing was difficult for us because we went against a lot of very good teams, so unfortunately, our placing wasn’t the best, but our scores were the highest we’ve had since I started coaching.” The girls worked together and significantly improved from last competition season according to senior captain Lauren Scoopo who said, “We went out and gave it our all at every competition. I am proud of the girls and how we performed.” She is happy to end her Pom Pom career with this year's team and the performances they had.

Along with Megan and Lauren, sophomore Deanna Amatruda agreed that the team prepared better this year then they have been in the past: “Since the team had a better attitude this year going into this season, we were open to trying many new things. This competition season turned out well because of the bond that we created.” This team bond not only helped the team work together and perform to the best of their abilities, but it is also what made this year memorable for many of the girls. When reminiscing on the season, Lauren will miss blasting music and singing with the team on the bus rides to and from their competitions, and Megan will not forget the excitement the team felt when she competed in a coaches dance off and won.

While the Pom Pom girls had a good season overall, there were a few bumps along the way. They had to change their routine a few times in between the competitions due to people not being able to compete and trying to add more difficulty to their dances. It is challenging to make changes last minute, and it put some stress on the girls and the coaches combined. However, they, “came together as a team and made the best of the situation,” according to Lauren.

Although many may not realize the Pom Pom team has a competition season, the hockey team does not overlook them. The girls attend every home and away hockey game to cheer on the boys, and this support is unfailingly reciprocated by the boys when it comes to the Pom team’s competitions. Senior hockey captain Chris Giglietti shares that he enjoys going to the competitions and seeing how the girls perform: “They always support us and show us they care no matter the score, and we like to do the same for them.”

The Pom Pom team looks forward to continuing their growth in their upcoming season. Tryouts will be held this May; the specific dates are TBA.

All photo credits to Sue Scoopo