Our Athletic Trainer

If you go to any EHHS sports event, athletic trainer Marc Aceto is sure to be close by. Student-athletes know who he is, but, most still do not know much about him outside of the athletic training room.

For those who may not know, as an athletic trainer, Marc is responsible for ensuring that all of the athletes remain safe and uninjured. When injuries do occur, he is immediately on the scene to evaluate the injury and take appropriate action towards treatment.

Marc attended Lyman Hall High School and was on the football, basketball, baseball, and track teams. He has always been interested and involved in sports. However, as an accounting major at Quinnipiac College (now University), Marc was injured while playing baseball. After his injury, he spent a lot of his time in the athletic trainer’s room receiving rehabilitation and strengthening, during which he fell in love with athletic training. This newfound passion led him to switch his major to health science with a concentration in athletic training.

After graduating from Quinnipiac College, Marc got right to work! He started working with the physical therapists at Middlesex Hospital and he eventually made his way to North Branford where he covered as an athletic trainer, and for the past nineteen years has been the athletic trainer here at EHHS. Marc says his favorite part of working as an athletic trainer is “working with you guys [the athletes].” Outside of school, Marc spends most of his time with his twin boys. He says it can be hard sometimes due to the long hours that the job requires. Marc is on the sidelines at all of the EHHS home games for all sports throughout the year to treat both school’s teams (while cheering for our athletes of course).

Student-athletes and teachers alike appreciate Marc and the work that he does. Marc said that over the years he has gained the respect of the teachers and staff at EHHS. Senior girls soccer co-captain, Ali Szewc, says her first memory of Marc is of him trigger pointing her calves after they tightened up during the preseason. Some of the EHHS staff come to Marc for advice and rehab when they sustain a minor injury. Mrs. D’Amico, who has been one of the P.E. teachers at EHHS, has been going to see Marc since he started at the school. She says that “He will bend over backward for the kids and staff.” Marc has earned the highest amount of respect from the staff, Mrs. D’Amico remarked that Marc is very knowledgeable and is able to quickly assess an injury or ailment and treat it in the most efficient way possible.

Marc is an important part of the EHHS athletic program, without him our athletes would not be able to compete at the level they do. He helps to ensure that all our athletes remain safe and fit to play. Due to Marc’s efforts and advice, injured athletes are able to get back to practices then games, as soon as possible. Thanks to Marc, our Yellow Jackets are able to thrive within the hive!