New tables provide comfort in EHHS lobby

Students may have noticed that the old tables in the lobby suddenly disappeared! In their place they placed new ones, in total they are 6 tables and 24 chairs, they are a different material, bigger and more comfortable. Overall students like these tables more than the old ones.

The students say they use the tables almost every morning,Athletes use them before games, students waiting for the buses after school, and some students that waiting at the end of the day for rides.

Marcello Proto, a freshman, said, “The chair were metal and they hurt.” According to Mr. DeNuzzo, the tables were removed because the legs of the chairs began to break, so they placed them in a small classroom. Mr. DeNuzzo ordered 6 tables and 24 chairs to replace the ones that are currently in the lobby. New tables have recently been placed in the lobby. They are larger than the previous ones, and they will not be easy to damage. Genesis Valencia, a Senior, said, “I like the new tables more then the old ones,they are much more comfortable.” It seems that most students like the change that has been made.

Jilien Ayala, a freshman, uses the tables after school while waiting for her ride home. “Having these tables is way better than standing around.”

The old tables were awkward and didn't look very good. Now the new tables give a more pleasant appearance to the school.