Locker Decoration Traditions at EHHS

Many student athletes at EHHS have their lockers decorated before their senior night games. The decoration of the lockers is a tradition that takes place every year. This tradition is done by the under classmates for the seniors.

The lockers are decorated with colored paper, pictures of the student and the team. Then, above the locker, they design a large poster for the athlete. The decorations highlight the sport and team that the athlete is a member of. Inside their lockers, students will find snacks, candies, drinks and other personal trinkets.

The cheerleaders decorate for the senior cheerleaders, for the senior football players and senior boys basketball players. The pom pom team decorates for the boys soccer and hockey teams. For the following sports: girls soccer, volleyball, softball, band, swimming, girls basketball, and tennis, members of the team support each other by decorating the lockers of their own seniors.

In general, the female athletes decorate the lockers for the male athletes . Each decorator also pays for all of the expensive paper, decorations, pictures, and food. The girls spend hours after school decorating the lockers before each of the big games.

But, is this really necessary for the athletes? Karen Solorzano, a member of the girls basketball team said, “As a senior student, I feel that the team has put a lot of effort and appreciation.” She also stated, “I don’t think is necessary but the athletes think it is something special since it is their senior year and I think the reason to decorate the lockers is to represent the spirit from certain sports.”

Most of the athletes think it is not necessary but they feel grateful and appreciated.

Nayeli Rodriguez, a student ar EHHS, gave her opinion on decorating lockers:“ I don’t think it is necessary but I feel like they are done to show an appreciation for the athlete [...] I have decorated one. I personally enjoyed decorating the locker, I thought it was fun, the only thing is you do end up spending a lot of money on it and I liked how my locker ended up coming out, I had a vision in my head of how I wanted it to look and it did ended up looking just like I wanted.”

The lockers and their decorations are a tradition that makes EHHS seem unique and more fun. But, the fact that students end up spending a lot of money and hours to make the decorations, and the fact that students also have to know the lockers combinations for all the athletes as well as where the lockers are situated, makes it difficult to organize. Even though the decoration of the lockers are unique and agreeable they are not really necessary for the EHHS.