Inconsistent Temperatures in EHHS

Over the past few years there has been a lingering problem in EHHS: the differing temperatures throughout the school. This issue has been affecting multiple teachers and students. In certain classrooms, the temperatures are so frigid that students are bringing blankets and heavy winter jackets to wear.

The temperature difference is an ongoing problem in EHHS and it has been for multiple years. It forces teachers to adapt to the climate and their teaching to revolve around it. Some teachers have been affected, such as Ms. Lutar and Mrs. Conradi. Ms. Lutar said, “It's been something that's been going on for years, this year it just seems to be more drastic.” Mrs. Conradi said, “Every year it's cold in my room, but this year it got unbearably cold when we came back from the Christmas holiday.” Ms. Lutar said,“They have been working on it constantly, When it's very cold and I call, somebody always comes right away.” Once one part of the heating system is fixed it is bound that another part of the heating system will break. They work to the best of their abilities, but it is a recurring problem to tackle. Mrs. Conradi, who has experienced trouble with the temperatures, said “I did my best to contact Mr. Horton with maintenance, I mentioned it to some of the workers they acknowledged the problem and they were working on it.”

Although the temperature is a huge problem in EHHS, the maintenance department has been doing everything in their power to fix the heating problems. Mr. Horton, the head of maintenance, is faced with multiple strenuous tasks and hasn't had enough time to solve the problem. “Our first priority was safety, heating, electrical, fire. Those are our first basic four things that we always look at in a school when we take over management. Heating was a disaster we had one boiler broken for heat,” said Mr. Horton. Before they could even start to look at small problems they had to deal with a broken boiler which would be needed to be fixed before they could fix anything else. Mr. Horton said, “ When I took over, one unit has been broken for years so I wanted to get it back up and running.” Also along with daily problems the routine maintenance follows has to make sure everything is working along with “ Two boilers for heat specifically, 19 air handlers, 313 valves so basically everyday we have to make sure the two boilers are running, Once the two boilers are running we have to make sure all 19 air handlers on the roof are running those blow the hot air in,” said Mr. Horton. Therefore, the temperature has caused problems for students and teachers in EHHS but maintenance has been trying and is still trying to solve so many problems that are taking effect on EHHS students and teachers.