Building Maintenance and Discolored Ceilings at EHHS

In EHHS there are a few discolored spots on the ceiling tiles around the building. In one of the staircase it looks like there is mold, but we are not really sure what it is. Both Mr. DeNuzzo, the principal, and Mr. Horton, the head of maintenance, are aware of the spots and can fix this with this however, it will take a little bit of time. DeNuzzo mentioned, “It could have been maybe a sports drink or a leak from the pipes.” DeNuzzo does want to fix this, so he is going to try and help out as much as he can because he does not want our school to look bad. Horton said, “They have a budget and their budget is $7,000 so they are trying to fix bigger problems in the school but if they do it soon it will take at least a month to do all the sections.” Meaning, if he gets his workers to go in and work on a section of the school each day it will take at least a month because he can't replace just one tile or a few tiles he has to replace all the tiles in the school or it will look odd.

Students and the administration have seen the mold and want things to change. Trey Garea, a student at EHHS, said, “I have seen the spots on the ceiling and this makes our school look disgusting, we need to fix this.” They want to see that our administration and students care more about the school whether it was a students fault and they did throw a sports drink up there or it is a leak they should try and get on top of this. Brandon Smith, a sophomore at EHHS, has noticed the discoloration on the ceiling he says, “It does not look good at all and it shows that our maintenance does not really care.” Chris Giglietti, a senior at EHHS, has also noticed the discoloration on the ceiling and he hopes it can be fixed. Chris says, “It says that our school does not care for the property.” He has also seen these spots in Mrs. Tracey's classroom. So with this problem knowing that there is discoloration on the ceiling is very important because when members from our community out of school come in they don't want to see that their kids school looks bad.