Patriots defeat Rams 13-3 to Win Super Bowl LIII

This past February 3rd, the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII by a score of 13-3. Although not the most impressive showing for Tom Brady and the Patriot’s offense, they still managed to pull out the victory through a strong performance from their defense.

This win is nothing new for the Patriots as this is there sixth championship and their third in the past five years. However, these wins have not felt any better than they do now for Patriots fans. Avid Patriot fan Chris Mauro explained this, saying “I think winning this Super Bowl means the most because it’s probably Gronk’s [Rob Gronkowski] last ring, and the best tight end ever deserves to go out on top.” He also mentioned the sentimental meaning between Gronk’s probable retirement and Brady getting his sixth ring, making this championship so honorable. Gronkowski, who was always had a pivotal role on the Patriots for years, totaled 6 catches for 87 yards in the game. He also made what can be considered the play of the game, as he made a diving catch for 29 yards in the fourth quarter to set up the only score of the game, which was a two yard touchdown run for running back Sony Michel.

Fellow Patriot fan Aditya Patel felt the same about the game, saying “Personally for me, the thrill of winning a superbowl has not weakened over time because of how astonishing it is to watch Tom Brady consistently be a super bowl contender when he is one of the oldest players in the NFL.” Brady himself did not have the best game, as he only totaled 262 yards on 21 completions and an interception. Nevertheless, he walks away victorious with his sixth super bowl ring. To many people, this solidifies him as one of if not the

greatest players ever. “Brady is by far the greatest NFL player of all time and a huge role model for me. To be able to be the 199th pick his draft and manage to work his way up to 6 rings is very inspirational,” said Aditya. Chris made a similar comment, saying, “You don't win six rings on accident. His drive is what got him there. He proved that you don't have to be considered the most talented at the start, as long as you're willing to work for success.”

Photo via @patriots/twitter

The game itself could not have been more different than most people expected it to be. Coming into the game, the Rams consistently had been an offensive powerhouse all season and the Patriots also found themselves near the top of the league in terms of offense. However, the game was about as defensive as possible. Aditya, like many, though this before the game started. “I expected an extremely high scoring game because of how powerful both of the offenses are. I’m not that surprised of the score because of how dominant the Rams defense is and how great Belichick’s defensive mentality is,” said Aditya. On the other hand, Chris saw almost the complete opposite of Aditya. “The game was always gonna be close. Both coaches were too good to not have a great gameplan. Belichick is the best coach for a reason, he's always been defensive minded, so it's not a surprise that his game plan revolved around shutting down the rams explosive offense,” said Chris, and shut them down they did. Led by Belichick’s great defensive mind, they held the Rams to just 198 passing yards and 62 rushing yards. For comparison, the Patriots totaled 154 rushing yards and 253 passing yards. The Patriot defense was highlighted by players like cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who had the game winning interception, along with fellow cornerback Jonathan Jones, who had eight tackles which included a sack and a tackle for a loss.

This Patriots team, although led by the same Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick, could not be more different than the previous Patriot’s teams. It can be argued that this team had the least amount of true talent out of any championship team ever. Chris, who watched just about every Patriots game this season, said that this Patriots team overcame the most doubt and odds. “People will try to ignore the fact that the patriots weren't supposed to win this year. The patriots got criticized all year. This team was the patriots team that ‘had no talent’ and ‘had no playmakers. Yet, here they are a year later, sharing the lombardi for a sixth time.” Aditya also mentioned how the Patriots had a different type of offense, saying, “This Patriots team is so unique to me because of how much they utilized the run game this year. In previous years, the team mostly relied on Brady’s arm to bring them to the Superbowl.” This year, the team did not have to rely on Brady and his arm, as seen by the final score. Although not the most entertaining super bowl to many football fans, it was still a close and intense game that crowned the New England Patriots as the Super Bowl champions.