Get to Know the EHHS Custodial Staff

In EHHS, the custodial staff plays a very important role, which includes Guadalupe Martinez and Sergio Gonzalez. They make sure that their duties are complete by keeping the building clean and reserved.

Both Ms. Martinez and Mr. Gonzalez have been working at EHHS for almost six years now. As part of the custodial staff, they keep the school building clean. In order to keep the school building clean, certain tasks must be completed which includes: sweeping, mopping, picking up trash and changing new trash bags, making sure the bathrooms are clean and fully stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. They also use cleaning equipment such as vacuums and other industrial cleaning tools in order to get the job done.

Vincent DeNuzzo, the principal at EHHS, states that the custodial staff help set up events, clean, and keep the building well in tact. Mr. DeNuzzo also states, “Whenever there is a spill, the janitors are quick to mop it up and place ‘caution, wet floor’ signs in order to provide safety for our students and faculty members.” The custodial staff have also been given walkie talkies in order to stay in touch and to be able to get into contact quickly with one another.

Lance Horton, the head of the maintenance department, works within a company called All American, which is also in charge of the custodial staff. Mr. Horton mentions two custodians in specific which are the day cleaners. He says he hired Guadalupe Martinez instantly because of her friendly personality. She is a diligent, hardworking, and amiable custodian.

Ms. Martinez says the EHHS environment is “excellent” and makes her feel welcomed. Mr. Horton then says he gave Sergio Gonzalez an immediate raise and promoted him to manager because he was so impressed by his motivation and hardworking personality. Mr. Gonzalez says the EHHS environment is “good” and “friendly.” Mr. Horton sees the custodial staff as, “family first and cleaning secondary.” He also mentions that he appreciates how they are very interactive within the community and always have a bright smile on their face. He gets compliments about EHHS where people say it is always, “very clean and presentable.” For a school that is 22 years old, EHHS remains reserved and in tact.

It is very important to remember to always thank the custodians for going above and beyond, keeping EHHS clean, safe, and well reserved for students, families, the faculty staff, and the administration.